2 thoughts on “A Warning About the Future”

  1. This is the Zionist Jew Plan, its the same in the protocols of the elders of Zion. It been planned a very long time ago, They want world Domination.


  2. Read the article and basically people need to wake up that Earth is a fallen planet and simply put you are fighting the Orion Empire. It is actually a spiritual war right now in conjunction with physicality. These globalist have copper based DNA in their veins and are fallen angels. So, the globalist and the people who are putting restrictions around your neck are not human. Lucifer hides his kingdom within the template of humanity. You are looking at something that is very ancient and old: The fall. These restrictions are coming from Lucifer aka Michael. You have there red house and the White House. Swiss templar rulership. Ancient Egyptian order. Humanity is going to be launched into Star Wars and Star Wars if you watched it from the beginning was a fight about resources. The shot is basically nano technology to mind control you. So, if you look at it from a stand point of Star Wars… were are there. You have thousands of satellites aimed right over your head and they can track you, hence your contact tracers or gangstalkers. The globalist are using AI to circumvent the Constitution and use the UN charter. I heard that the Constitution died back in 1913. So, what are you fighting for? Life? Probably. You basic right to live under these constraints. I remember watching the show Turn. There is a scene in there where Abraham meets a couple of men who want to get the guns our of the church and fight back against the Lobsters. He said something significant: Everyone has a “God, given right to live and protect ones family.” A divine right to live. So, that goes to the basics of the Bible, right? So, they are violating the Bible by giving you the shot. So, our Constitution is sort of based off the Bible and what the forefathers thought was right to divorce the King. There are 4 things they are working on: 1. Your Voice 1st admendment 2. Guns rights (2nd amendment) 3. Property rights 4. Your Body. When those 4 pillars are down.. they have you and you can kiss the Constitution goodbye. But I wonder.. didn’t it die back in 1913? All of this entire thing is about total evil control of YOU and making you into the Sith. So, if they come for your guns .. what about their guns? Where do these guns go to ? Eric Holder? Armies in Syria? Probably so. Arms Deals. It gets even better. How about lasers now. Laser guns. You probably need a license for that. Remember the elite have old fashion rifles probably from 1776 and now they want yours. They simply don’t want you to be armed. To say NO.. back off. Go back to England and bow before the monarchy.. the blue bloods. The royals have a weapon.. it is in space called a sun simulator and control NASA. It tracks you and monitors every little thing about you. Everything. They know about your dog, who you sleep with, what you eat, when you shower, dress, where you shop, what you buy, and they love to watch your money and how you spend it. They can scan your blood from space now. ( new invention) They can send voice of god to your brain. They can even watch you so intensely that they want to cause an accident and then blame you. They don’t want diesel cars because the monarchy wants new money spent on their sustainability and green projects. Re-vamp the cities. Just look at your city. Sure, their plans look nice, but it is all based on electricity and zapping as you go along. The cooking of humanity by Barrie Trowers. I saw something where the Saudi’s want “the line.” Crazy..stuff. Zapping as you go along. Well, enough said. Just remember those 4 pillars I told ya about. When those are down.. they pretty much have you. P.S. They love to do the passive aggressive behavior model. ..


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