New Bill Permanently Ends Your Constitutionally-Protected Rights

If a new bill that has been introduced in Congress becomes law, your God-given right to defend your life, your property and the lives and property of your family and loved ones will no longer be protected by the Constitution.

House Resolution – 127

Biden Administration’s Gun-Control

5 thoughts on “New Bill Permanently Ends Your Constitutionally-Protected Rights”

  1. So let’s put this in perspective. While firearm manufactures can be sued for “misuse” of their products that result in a minuscule number of deaths,* pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for the massive numbers of deaths resulting from their untested vaccines.

    Let me guess, “misuse” will be based on skin color. White use of a firearm will constitute “misuse,” while Negro use of a firearm will be fully justified due to their former slave status, so there will be no “misuse” in those criminal cases. Of course, the manufacturer will still be held liable. This of course will not put a stop to firearm manufacturing, as they supply firearms to military and “law” enforcement. It will simply redirect all sales to the government.

    This makes perfect sense in America’s fully Judaized, clown litigation process that feeds massive pork to a corrupt legal system. Oh wait, pork isn’t kosher, so how about massive amounts of sacrificial lamb?

    *This of course does not include the massive murder around the world by American troops and “law” enforcement using firearms. Since these government agencies are fully “authorized” to use firearms with “deadly force,” they don’t count.

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    1. Most Democrats are either Attorneys or closely tied to massive Law firms by donations. Most Republicans are tied to.Massive corporations, including Military Complex. If they can get rid of TRADITIONAL small arms companies, they will corner the arms market, in return for giving absolute control of our lives by government.
      We are in DEEP trouble. Look at Remington Arms suites that are/have killed that co. Worse than the Jerry bean counters who bought it.


    1. Many good comments on this channel, and I am helped by many of them, following the work of “Headlines” herself. But, I think this comment puts it all “in a nutshell”! 🌱


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