4 thoughts on “The Switch to All Electric-Powered Cars”

  1. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headlines”. I was thinking the same, before you concluded: remember the pronoucements from Agenda 2030, and all the many colluding or vying for control.


  2. “Green Prince of Darkness” on the photovoltaic fraud. Every “sustainable” energy, solar, wind, biofuels, are net energy losers, forced by the same banking monopolists as big oil. The fraud is so glaring that even lefty Mikey Moore felt compelled to expose the sham by producing the 90 minute documentary >

    “Planet of the Humans” > Truth about eco-trinket virtue signaling


  3. Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you are such a wet blanket! Why do you insist on throwing cold water on all the dreamer’s wonderful pie-in-the-sky dreams? Why can’t you believe that a government tooth fairy will leave all good little boys and girls out here lots of candy under their pillows? Why are you always talking about tooth decay instead?

    Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, why do you rip the wings from high flying dreamers who believe if we all flap our arms hard enough we can jump off cliffs and fly? Why can’t you just be another happy face delivering dreamy promises of a brighter, happier, post vaccination future for all good little boys and girls who follow the rules? Why must you insist on pointing out their misery and suffering instead?

    Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, why can’t you understand that owning nothing really does lead to happiness? Obviously you have not taken the time to examine just how happy all those homeless people really are. Why not do a video showing the blissful reality of their lives?

    Come on Nancy! Turn that wet blanket into a warm and cuddly one for good little boys and girls to hide under so they will not have to look at the terrifying, blood-sucking Nosferatu government that really is waiting under their beds and in their closests. How can you be so heartless Nancy? Can’t you hear the children’s cries? “Please kiss our booboos and make them all better.”

    You know Nancy, there really is a Brazil for dreamers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kaoymQ41qs

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    1. Yes, we have been bottle-fed to suck the teat of mighty gov’t, expect much while they take away our natural abilites (public “education”, don’t ya know) to forge our own way, thru struggles, defeat, and “up-we-go-to- try-again….and success. This “Headlines ” news reminds me of Disneyland and the mix of Fantasyland/Futureland. Remember the Monorail ride and how, supposedly, ol’ Walt said it was the future transportation, starting with So. Cal. area? I think some IN GOV’T really raked in some taxpayer $$ on that idea. Still waiting for it about 70 yrs later?!


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