Stimulus Payment – $1,400 not $2,000

Details of the latest stimulus proposal from President Biden and Democratic lawmakers have finally been released, which, given the massive gulf between Biden’s $1.9 trillion and the GOP’s $618 billion packages, means that this third round of pandemic relief is likely to undergo some significant changes before all is said and done.

3 thoughts on “Stimulus Payment – $1,400 not $2,000”


    House bill H.R. 1,000,000,000,000,001 will change the national anthem to what is said to be a more fitting theme. Lawmakers are arguing over whether or not to change the national anthem. Proponents of the bill say the current anthem no longer applies to America. Here is the proposed new theme said to be fitting of a 21st century America.


  2. Thank you, Nancy, for another revealing “Headlines”! I miss the carnival atmosphere (which we know permeates Congress and their spokesperson-president) of that Carousel music! Maybe zombie-apocalypse movie score would be more appropriate for the dregs we are being presented with. This continues to go so badly. People, families of varied living circumstances/professions, being further compressed into poverty and great uncertainty! Our gov’t is fully incapable and I will even say, uninterested, in taking an honest, and “roll-up-your-sleeves” emergency, all-hands-on-deck action! We will have to cut out a different path: another avenue of community, each in its unique way, to help and sustain one another. As an example: 2/4/21 yt presentation on Full Spectrum Survival “Stimulus Update…” has some ideas how to get on with life without govt oversights.


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