Biden Signs E.O. to Create Digital “Health” Passports

One of President Biden’s executive orders aimed at curbing the pandemic asks government agencies to “assess the feasibility” of linking virus inoculation certificates with other inoculation documents to produce digital versions of them.

Executive Order

on Promoting COVID-19 Safety

in Domestic and International Travel

2 thoughts on “Biden Signs E.O. to Create Digital “Health” Passports”

  1. I don’t see any problem here. If you own your own private jet, you will have no need to present any verification of inoculation. Isn’t that the way it was with the TSA? Private jet = no need for strip searches? That is why rich Jews like Jeffery Epstein remained isolated from such outrages against his person. That is why he could operate his Lolita express while the rest of us were required to have our bodies searched, scanned and irradiated.

    So while the TSA was busy shaking down grandma in her wheelchair, no one was doing body cavity searches on rich Jews in their lusty pursuit for sinister evidence of terrorism. You know, the kind of terror those underage girls felt on Little St. Johns Island. Say, has anyone heard if Jeffery is still dead?

    Same with those building and businesses one owns. No need for one to lock one’s heels and measure up when one owns the premises. So you see, all the obscenely wealthy Jews and other fascist oligarchs have no problem with having to present proof to authorities when they are, or own, “the authorities.” The rest of us are, let’s see, how shall I put this in genteel terms? FUCKED!

    I have noticed an interesting propaganda campaign quietly going on behind the scenes. There is a building fear, pushed by the media, that there will not be enough jabs to go around. Jewspapers are carrying stories about how people are supposedly scrambling to get in line for the jab. Panic is being artificially generated by claiming there will not be enough jabs to supply the elderly, most “at risk” for infection.

    The elderly are supposedly clamoring for the jab before they are deprived of the vaccine. Supplies are limited! So hurry! Get in line and get vaccinated before you die! In the meantime, British “health authorities,” who look suspiciously like East Indians, are saying the lock-down will not be lifted in perfidious Albion until everyone over fifty is vaccinated.

    As usual, the lies, misinformation, misdirection and mental manipulation are so over the top, even the most astute individual is having problems figuring out exactly what is going on. So what can the average member of the TV watching, “deplorable” hoi polloi be expected to believe?

    No doubt, the day is rapidly approaching where one will no longer be able to function in society unless they have complied with the elite’s Covid death-wish for humanity. One might say something like, “dead if you do and dead if you don’t.”

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