8 thoughts on “General Flynn Recants”

  1. Dear Nancy,

    Obviously you are completely unaware of “the plan” that really DOES exist! Now this is just between you and me, but Jesus is coming next Tuesday, after lunch, to save everyone who believes in him as their god and savior, something General Flynn could never hope to promise about Trump – could he?

    I know all those mistaken believers think Jesus was Jewish, but they are just WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Jesus was actually an Aryan white man who just happened to be living in a certain Middle East location. He was there to create a certain, special, crucifixion cell phone app that would allow people to travel to Damascus in their caravans without being masked by their sins. Jews were not actually Jews, but a bunch of Turks, called “Edomites” who just happened to live in that same region. The Edomites had nothing to do with the crucifixion cell phone app, they just stole the Bible for themselves.

    I know this all sounds really complicated, but hey, what plan isn’t? It’s pretty simple for those in the know. All you really need to know is that all true believers are going to be delivered from evil next Tuesday – A-F-T-E-R-L-U-N-C-H. So be ready! Grab your Bible and be on the corner of Salvation and Perdition (formerly Fourth and Main) by 1:00 PM sharp and be ready to climb aboard that flaming chariot that will deliver you up to heaven with Jesus. Now THAT’S a plan. One thing is for sure, Jesus will NEVER recant! Take That General Flynn.


    1. You are NOT amusing, unlike what I am certain YOU believe, not to mention I’d be willing to bet that YOU also believe that you’re the smartest most witty guy in ANY room, hmm? In fact, actually, you are nothing more than a bloated Troll. But, the most amusing part is in reverse; Now, I will do my best NOT to giggle when you are kneeling before my God, my King, Jesus Christ, shaking and quaking in your boots. I better get crackin’ considering that YOU believe the Rapture is this coming Tue. And, Sir Bloat-A-Lot, although it is my fervent belief that the Rapture is, indeed imminent, knowing this I’d better get to suppressing my hysteria. I will go now and watch funny video’s so I can practice not bursting out into laughter. Save it; telling me I will burst into flames as you are the one Condemned!


      1. My apologies, I did not realize I was here to amuse or offend. In the future, I shall try harder to accommodate your sensitivities. Say, you like Jesus, so you might be interested in my website, http://www.conspiracyofman.com. It’s all about Jesus.

        I spent thirty years researching and writing about Jesus and the Jews. You’ll love it, I promise; especially this chapter about mother Mary – http://www.conspiracyofman.com/chapter-two-the-hair-weaver-and-the-kohein. You might be surprised to find that I have the deepest respect and admiration for Jesus. He was truly a towering figure in history, kinda like that there Hitler fella.

        Say hey to Opie for me. Oops! There I go again. Let me tell you, it’s ain’t easy being the smartest guy in the room.


  2. I am looking at a man that got his butt kicked.

    The only thing I am waiting for is the results in Arizona. I just want to know!


    1. why not look 4 urself at the dates when the machines where certified.if expired then null & void,O boy more drama.i do believe SCOTUS just today said they will now hear election fraud case 🙂 maybe 2 words where left out and now can be inserted “Trust the(ir) plan will fail” so WQKE lol


  3. All of this is a BS game to keep our attention away from the evil things they are doing behind our backs. Free speech gone, right to defend your family,home, overwhelmed by illegal alien foreign invaders who have more rights than American citizens & we support every aspect of their lives with our tax money. hussein’s police force larger than our military & much,much more. America is a Communist nation now. Remember the snake poem, what was Trump telling us? Think about long & hard as you look at where America is right now !!!!


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