2 thoughts on “Police Patrol UC Berkeley Dorms”

  1. Okay, I think I get it. This is really a bad movie. A really, really bad movie. Therefore Nancy, I think you need some added flavoring to your reports. I think it would be great if you had those MST3000 robot silhouettes, with your silhouette in the middle of course, sitting in front of the screen. You could have Tom Servo and Crow interject witty, sarcastic comments while your read the headlines. This would help us laugh at the utter stupidity of this bizarro, theater of the absurd.


  2. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headlines”….that’s right, students of “higher education” , there should be NO whining or complaining from any of you – or your parents, or school staff. UCB has been a breeding ground and hotbed of Marxist-Leninist theories put into action for af least 60 years! Now, they can bask in their long, sought-for policies! And, especially designed for their philosophical fulfillment! Happiness, coziness, and contentment because they all can triumph: “We have arrived!” (writers note: take a long, hard look America. Here’s a real piece of BS, steaming and brewed on the tax-payers, decades-long support.)


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