Texas Gov. Declares State-Wide Disaster

Rolling power outages are in effect across the state of Texas as a polar vortex has poured some of the coldest air ever into the central US. There are nearly 2 million Texan customers without power as of Monday morning.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas – Spot Prices


ERCOT Market Info.

3 thoughts on “Texas Gov. Declares State-Wide Disaster”

  1. Ho hum, another day, another disaster, as gullible, ignorant goyim are slapped silly with one “disaster” after another. Now it’s a “vortex.” Gosh that sounds really bad, like the infamous “kraken vortex.” Now where have we heard about the kraken before? Weird synchronicity eh? There is a lot of that going around these days. https://www.grunge.com/213376/the-legend-of-the-kraken-explained/

    Of course these are natural disasters, “acts of god” that cannot be avoided. Either that or they are the result of dangerous terrorists, like those evil Trump supporters. In either case there is nothing to be done other than putting a heavier government boot on everyone’s neck while raising prices until the screams for even more government intervention become unbearable.

    To bad for all those “deplorables” living in “flyover country” that no longer have jobs to support billion dollar energy bills. Gee, one can only wonder how those Jewish zillionaires, with private jets and tropical islands, are weathering these ongoing disasters. I sure hope they aren’t freezing and going hungry like everyone else. I’ll just bet they aren’t.

    Funny thing, the northern climes go through this below-zero freezing process every year for months on end. Yet they do not have these “unprecedented,” cold weather “disasters” with associated massive spikes in their energy bills. One might think the northern electric grid construction is vastly different in design, with all sorts of added weathering protection, armoring the northern electric grids from the cold, but you know what? – They would be wrong.

    What was it that politician said about never letting a disaster go to waste?


  2. All that weather is a HAARP creation. You do realize that the evil doers of this planet have this technology to play with humanity. They just fire up their toy and mess with the land and sea. It is quite obvious that HAARP was used.


  3. CFR puppet governor Ricky Perry signed the Texas Renewable Energy Act in 2005, requiring all new generating capacity to be 25% renewable, paid by electricity users. Billions for the wind mill grifters and solar con men. Sleet covered wind mills and snow covered solar panels produce ZERO energy. Houston temperatures were 10°F Monday morning to 25°F afternoon to 10°F Tuesday morning.

    TexasRenewables.com/recprogram.com > end this eco trinket extortion

    “Green Prince of Darkness Exposed” > principia-scientific.org


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