U.S. Central Power-Grid Collapses – Emergency Declared

The power crisis in Texas has expanded to 13 additional states.

More record lows are expected for Tuesday morning across Texas.

Frigid air continues to pour into the central US, overwhelming power grids, forcing operators to implement rolling blackouts like a third world country. 

4.4 Million without Power

5 thoughts on “U.S. Central Power-Grid Collapses – Emergency Declared”

  1. As I listen to reports of the latest “unprecedented disaster” unfold, I know the death toll mounts. These deaths will be in addition to the mass deaths created by the alleged Covid virus and its vaccine solution.

    I listen to, and read, the latest reports while pondering the tiny, elite, cabal of obscenely wealthy men who profit mightily from these deaths and their associated misery and suffering. Surely every time America suffers a mass die off, this tiny, elite, group must collectively rub their greasy, blood-soaked hands together in gleeful expectation of the new wealth and resources they are about to accrue. Considering the immense wealth transfer that occurs during these “disasters,” one must wonder if they just sit around and waiting for them to occur or if perhaps they take a more proactive role in these events.

    As I watch Texas freeze, the words of a former presidential pustule, a Texan no less, keep coming back to haunt me. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79voFUqcPq4.

    “Hey Moshe, take a look! It’s all working out just as we planned.”


  2. 2005 Texas Renewable Energy Act forced utility customers to subsidize wind and solar at 25% of all new generation capacity. Then masses moved to Texas. Then Obombie EPA ordered all Texas coal mining stopped, classified coal to gas conversion as new capacity. Then Obombie DOE ordered Texas to share it’s, until then PRIVATE grid, with adjoining states. Some tragedies are planned.


  3. Well, being a resident of Fairbanks, Alaska… and being the son of my father. Until it drops below -45 degrees we don’t even think to call the neighbors and check on them. We have wood, water and plenty of moose meat, really life is just fine with or without Electricity.

    Personally I learn to take care of being cold from sleeping outside in 19 degrees once in a horrible sleeping bag when I was a kid. No one ever needed to explain cold to me ever again. But the kids in Alaska can cut a snow cave right out of the drift and sleep comfortably at any temperature 🌡 😴 😲👍🏼


  4. In 2008, the US coal industry had a market value of $40 billion. After two years of Obombie KILL COAL program it was $400 million, 10 cents on the dollar. Northern coal generation was switched to natural gas, diverting Texas supplies. ERCOT, the Texas politburo energy dictators have new czars, chairman Sally A Talberg in Michigan and vice chairman Peter Crampton in Maryland.
    If our RINO Attorney General, Kenny Paxton is too timid to file Third Degree mass murder charges on these criminals, then hundreds of county District Attorneys WILL.


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