Texas Power Supplier’s Message to Customers: “Please, Leave Us”

Millions of Americans are without power Wednesday morning as winter storms and freezing temperatures batter the country. In Texas, the state with the most power outages, millions are heading into their fourth day without power.

A Humanitarian Crisis

“Please, Leave Us”

Real-Time Power Outage Map

5 thoughts on “Texas Power Supplier’s Message to Customers: “Please, Leave Us””

  1. “Governor Abbott Receives the Tri-Global Wind Energy Leadership Award” at
    PRNewsWire(.)com > loved by the Wind Grifter Cabal

    “ERCOT Announces New Leadership” at > ERCOT(.)com/news/release/224860
    Chairman has 25 years with Michigan Public Utility Services, lives in Michigan
    Vice Chairman has 20 years with Maryland PUC, lives in Maryland

    “Last Waltz Across Texas” > principia-scientific.org > RINO Grabbit Abbott & WuFlu

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  2. This is your captain speaking, we are presently cruising at 35,000 feet and are experiencing serious problems with the pressurization system. Outside air pressure is 3.45 psi, or about 1/4 of that at sea level and the outside air temperature is fifty below zero, so you may find it difficult to breath and stay warm. Therefore, we urge passengers to immediately exit the plane and find another plane to fly on so they won’t be inconvenienced by the high maintenance cost for the repair of this aircraft.

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  3. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headline. Glad you brought in the grand delusion of Agenda 2030 and helmsman, K. S. It is my understanding that TX has many, and more in the making, “wind farms” and the like “green power”; also that they operate their own separate from the rest of the country, power grid. Being separate might not be a bad idea, but the shift to “green” is apparently an inadequate provision of fuel (and how many of us saw the frozen stuff, immoveable in the air!), showing a big source of the harm being done. When things improve sufficiently for the residents/taxpayers of TX they should insist on an investigation (3rd party, disinterested from govt/technocrats) to expose, as I will call it: the tragic foul play.


  4. Isn’t Texas a state that has a ton of oil reserves? So, why not bust out with the oil? hmmm. Klaus Schwab is a globalist and wants that money for the green economy. I bet you anything that the winter was caused by HAARP and they always create chaos to create money for themselves as investors of green technology. I remember in the 1980s when there was a Oil crisis. Texas just busted out the their own oil to supply the country. It did not last long. Problem/ Solution.


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