Texans Burn Furniture to Stay Alive

2.7 million Texas households, 15 million Texans woke up to their sixth day without heat, electricity, or water on Thursday morning as a polar vortex air mass continues to linger in the Lone Star State. 

ERCOT – Winter “Preparedness”

Water Pipes Bursting Across Texas

Burning Furniture to Stay Alive

Texas’ Citrus Crop

4 thoughts on “Texans Burn Furniture to Stay Alive”

  1. “Remembering When It Got Really Cold” by Mike Cox at TexasEscapes.com

    Galveston Bay froze in 1821, in 1886 and 1899. Pioneer, Jane Long gave birth to the first American baby in Texas during the final years of the Little Ice Age. In August 1883, Krakatoa volcano exploded, pouring 20 million tons of Sulfur into the atmosphere. It took two years for this Southern Hemisphere sunlight blocking gas to reach the Northern Hemisphere. This event is not the most extreme, and henceforth WE WILL ALL BE PREPPERS.

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  2. I heard that, go it all alone Star State had passed a law in the that forces 25% of the electricity to be made with green energy like solar and wind,.. . hence this conundrum.


  3. Thank you, Nancy, for this much needed “Headlines” update. Yes, where IS the National Guard??! Still a bunch hangin’ out in DC?! Well, shoo’em down to TX where they can earn there keep (instead of just malingering) and do some good!!


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