Shelters Refused to Save People from Freezing – Social-Distancing More Important

“For over six hours, a long line of people in search of shelter stood huddled together waiting for the doors of the George R. Brown convention center to open,” local Houston media reported of the chaos that unfolded as Texas temperatures plunged to deadly levels. 

3 thoughts on “Shelters Refused to Save People from Freezing – Social-Distancing More Important”

  1. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headline”. Twisted, so enormously twisted! It must have stomach-churning to have to put together this report, which you simultaneously knew was very important for us to hear. To me, this exemplifies why we should massively reject all these “guideline/mandates”, be true human again. Here we see the oozing evil of all of
    these impositions and just one horrible avenue they will lead us on.


  2. I’m prevented from visiting a local senior’s home with cookies (or without) and games to lighten the hearts of the retired folks nearby because they’re not “accepting volunteers due to Covid.” Even when I tell them I’m not a volunteer but a neighbour lady with cookies. I heard the place took their entire pension allowance but only permitted them two family members. Chinada. Disgusting.


  3. NMH,
    This is very difficult to listen too.
    They refused to let people into a shelter because of social distancing as it would exceed capacity?
    Let’s see here, social distancing or freeze to death?
    They’re going to use this as an excuse to get rid of as many homeless as they can.
    Just like Katrina.
    Never let a crisis go to waste!
    I cried after I listened to this. I can’t comprehend how this is allowed to happen & know it will continue & nothing will be done about it.
    Human lives no longer matter, those lives that are lost they’re just collateral damage!


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