3 thoughts on “Texans that Never Lost Power Face Financial Ruin”

  1. It should be obvious by now there is only one viable solution to this mess, i.e. more “free,” “green” energy sources. This disaster has shown just how unreliable those bad old fossil fuel sources are when it comes to keeping the ship of state upright as it slowly sinks in to the abyss. The all-green energy future, along with limiting Texans to a single light bulb to illuminate the inside of their mud huts, will assure a brighter future for all (no pun intended there).

    For all those who voted, providing them a constitutional if not god given right to complain, you might want to vote again for a carefully coiffed politician with a winning smile who promises to solve this problem. After all, have not previous elections proven the voter’s efficacy for reigning in rampaging government and their corporate counterparts? Look to Washington DC for proof of the newly elected government’s confidence in their “rule of law.” https://cbs4indy.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/01/WASHINGTON-SECURITY.jpg?w=1280

    Now I’m not going to tell you whom you should vote for – god forbid I would do such a thing – but you might want to consider voting for the candidate promising to spend at least $1000 trillion dollars on a green energy program that will provide the freest people in the world with enough power to run their single, three watt LED light bulb, soon to be allotted by law to each and every citizen. After congress has successfully resolved that thorny problem, the next really big question on the agenda will be what they are having for lunch.


  2. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headline” This zituation is beyond rational thinking; the men, women, families on either side of it: power on, power off are suffering so much! Besides the hard forces of nature, the suffering is compounded by gov’t policies. But if people go about their merry way, as most of us have for a long time, trusting in their “leaders” decisions, we find harm from them ( very few exceptions). I imagine the Feds will offer assistance, as governors request. Well, I hope it’s thorough, and just and quick. Personally, I don’t mind my tax dollars going out in situations like this – million times better than the trillions $$$$$$ going to carry on troubles in ME, or NATO, etc., the military-industrial evils.


  3. Hundreds of square miles of Harris County were powerless for 36 hours. Yesterday at my neighbors Man Cave, he showed me his hour-by-hour claimed electrical usage. Apparently our “smart meters” were estimating usage for 10°F nights and 26°F days, as if we were NOT shivering in the dark. I have been in contact with the proper state legislators on our ignorant energy policies since the Nov 2020 election. There will be investigations into crooked ERCOT policies, and dozens of freeze related deaths. Kill Ugly Wind Mills and Solar Cells.


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