3 thoughts on “Non-Citizens May Soon Arrest Citizens”

  1. the supreme MOOTS have spoken, “you will have NO Constitution, and be happy”

    Ignoring mountains of evidence of vote fraud, the MOOTS declared PDJT motion on Pennsylvania results to be MOOT

    you get the THIEF in Chief, and you will be happy (or soon, headless)


  2. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headline” (background music always appropriate.) Too bad that old Trump “never got” his “chance” to fulfill his campaign promise to deal with immigration/DACA! Oh wait, he did have a good window of opportunity in first 2 yrs. of his presidency and a Republican Congress, guess he skipped that thot…he had a golden opportunity to take out DACA, laid in his lap by SCOTUS….but that’s right, he had a change of heart: recorded interview he said he wouldn’t do that, and even fast-track them all.( Likely more goodies to follow.) Maybe we’re supposed to be useful idiots and hang around for that Kracken. Utah, just fall’n in line; state gov’t: another diversity nut-case.


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