3 thoughts on “McConnell Says He’ll Back Trump if He Wins the 2024 Nomination”

  1. Turtle man throws potus under the bus but he’s there for him in 2024.
    He’s going to follow the side that now has the flying axe!
    Still letting it be known if the flying axe 🪓 switches sides he’s prepared to follow it. Old turtle lips plays both sides of the fence.

    One question? Why do you folks keep voting for these people, is it not apparent the only thing they disagree on is us & how much we deserve.
    Then they spend months haggling between 2000 & 1400$.
    This is our lives & livelihoods they shut down, how we support our families & keep a roof over our heads.
    They act like it’s not important, no sense of urgency needed. Keep kicking the can down the road.
    The simple fact is they caused this people are suffering because they chose to shut down the economy. This doesn’t effect anyone but us the people.
    They’ve profited from this big pharma, Bezos & the boys etc well over a trillion dollars.
    Yet our representatives could care less about taking care of the stimulus for the people in a timely manner.
    It’s almost March & we were promised $2000 after the inauguration.
    They’re still dragging it out.
    They would rather set it on fire then give it to the American people.
    The most disturbing of all is you think they actually care about you.

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  2. This of course is assuming there will be a country left in 2024. The gloves are off. The insanity is now over the top. Assaults are increasing on all fronts. At the present rate, America will be a fractured, third world shit-hole unable to sustain itself long before 2024. It fact it is already there. From this point forward, things are simply going to get worse – and worse – and worse, at “warp speed.” The stupid sheeple are already beginning to eat it raw – big time.





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