3 thoughts on “John Durham Resigns as U.S. Attorney”

    1. I would like to nominate the breatheless piece of poetry, I will coin the “Ode to the Mighty Durham” to any pee pee-prize available. May his great grandchildren read it to their children wearing its deep meanings with pride. Celebrating his incredible duplicitousless contribution to the mighty calling of justice on goingly for generations to come. I can almost hear it with music now. The subtle reminders of why we must the deep layers of “trust” never unrelentingly follow back to the dark place we call hell from which all this Q-POOH came.

      From my proclein thrown to yours, “cheers” to your great work! I am glad something of great value came from all this. Thank you!


  1. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headline”….especially since you had to dig through this pile to bring us this news. Seems Trump managed his DOJ only slightly better than I would have. From day one, he not only showed no skills for this, but he actually didn’t want to acquire any! (Much more important matters, like Twitter to attend to.) ” continued uninterrupted, and superb, proper administration of justice” !! That has to a display of clown world, if I ever saw one.


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