Shelters Refused to Save People from Freezing – Social-Distancing More Important

“For over six hours, a long line of people in search of shelter stood huddled together waiting for the doors of the George R. Brown convention center to open,” local Houston media reported of the chaos that unfolded as Texas temperatures plunged to deadly levels. 

Texans Burn Furniture to Stay Alive

2.7 million Texas households, 15 million Texans woke up to their sixth day without heat, electricity, or water on Thursday morning as a polar vortex air mass continues to linger in the Lone Star State. 

ERCOT – Winter “Preparedness”

Water Pipes Bursting Across Texas

Burning Furniture to Stay Alive

Texas’ Citrus Crop

Texas Power Supplier’s Message to Customers: “Please, Leave Us”

Millions of Americans are without power Wednesday morning as winter storms and freezing temperatures batter the country. In Texas, the state with the most power outages, millions are heading into their fourth day without power.

A Humanitarian Crisis

“Please, Leave Us”

Real-Time Power Outage Map

U.S. Central Power-Grid Collapses – Emergency Declared

The power crisis in Texas has expanded to 13 additional states.

More record lows are expected for Tuesday morning across Texas.

Frigid air continues to pour into the central US, overwhelming power grids, forcing operators to implement rolling blackouts like a third world country. 

4.4 Million without Power