Kentucky – State of Emergency Declared

After a weekend of torrential rain, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency today, March 1, 2021. State officials activated the State Emergency Operations Center to aid with rescue efforts as major flooding was observed.

One thought on “Kentucky – State of Emergency Declared”

  1. Thank you, Nancy, fod this “Headlines”. I saw some other film on this, much of it looked like compiled from individual cell phones, but all of it was unbelievable in the amount of destruction. I’m glad these people can get help on this in all respects: homes and related items/ properties, animal life, roads, commericial damage, and more, I’m sure. Here is”Your tax dollars at work” where it is a good, proper use of it – tho’ i hope the insurance corps. will not sniggle (bitch and moan) as they often do, when folks have paid lots of “premiums” over the years. This is what, in my opinion, “State of Emergency” means…not some scamdemic that is to roll-in the WEF, and taking down our economy.


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