4 thoughts on “Last Minute Exodus Before the Final Collapse”

  1. Let’s start calling the media what they are. Let’s call them liars. Media = liars. Therefore instead of saying, “the media is telling us” (your choice of which media), we should call a spade a spade, “the lairs are telling us.” Maybe if enough of us call them what they are, others will begin to notice.


  2. Monkey WRAY has seen no antifa evil > Monkey WRAY has heard no antifa evil >
    Monkey WRAY CAN SAY, NO ANTIFA EVIL > Monkey WRAY fears MAGA men

    After Furher Fauci declared 80 million Americans NON ESSENTIAL, there was limited economic reason for location. After Pelosi and Wray declared 80 million MAGA Americans as domestic terrorists, there was excuse for internment camps. You will be starved to death, VAXXED to death, or TAXED to death, but regardless of method, you are an expendable obstacle to feudal world dominance.


  3. Here in Ontario Canada it’s much the same. People are moving away from the city and prices are through the roof. Rural property in my area has gone up 237% since 2012 and steadily rising.

    Dangerous times ahead and if you are considering a move, don’t wait, do it now.
    If you think 2020 was a nightmare, what’s coming this summer/fall will make the past look like a walk in the park.


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