One thought on “Enjoy Your Poverty – Enjoy Your Enslavement”

  1. There was a joke in the Soviet Union that went: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”
    The American version of this is: “We don’t work and they pretend to pay us.”

    The fact is taxpayers are not paying for this. The American government could not run thirty days on taxpayer funding. Taxes are a smokescreen for the real economic mechanism that funds the government’s fiscal insanity.
    This system runs on what G. Edward Griffin called “The Mandrake Mechanism.”

    This is essentially a cabal of international Jewish bankers creating money out of thin air by the use of printing presses or now the push of a key. Thus, international Jewish bankers are really no different than criminal counterfeiters creating false wealth. This money is then loaned to the government at usurious interest rates, which is why economic matters are now counted in the trillions.

    Americans have incurred mountains of debt by accepting phony Jewish scrip, loaned to the government, to pay for labor, but then few Americans actually labor any more. In my lifetime, I have watched the economic markers go from millions to billions to trillions.

    This will soon lead to hyperinflation. This will rob Americans of their wealth by diluting the value of their paychecks and savings to a point where they are worthless. This happened in Zimbabwe where the money inflated to a point where it was worth less than toilet paper. So Zimbabweans were wiping their ass with worthless Zimbabwean scrip. Unfortunately, Americans will not have the same luxury because it is not practical to wipe one’s ass with a credit card.

    There are two classes of people in advanced societies – producers and the maintainers. Producers produce real wealth by digging materials out of the ground so other producers can manufacture finished products from those things dug out of the ground.

    Everyone else is a maintainer. All government “workers” are in truth maintainers that produce no real wealth. Instead, they merely redistribute the wealth created by producers, among themselves and those over whom they administrate. This obviously airy-fairy, economic fantasy will soon be blown away by the winds of fiscal reality.


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