CDC Issues Less-Restrictive Guidelines

As federal health officials in the U.S., including Dr. Fauci, chide states for easing pandemic restrictions, the CDC released new guidelines advising fully inoculated people may spend time together indoors without masks or social-distancing.

Fauci’s AZT

One thought on “CDC Issues Less-Restrictive Guidelines”

  1. After being banned in the USA, der Furher Fauci funded bioweapon Gain-of-Function research by the CCP on the Chinese Cootie Plague. Furher Fauci villainized natural preventatives like Hydrochloroquine and Ivermectin. Furher Fauci dictated 60 million Americans as non essential. Furher Fauci inflated the virility and lethality of a normal flu season disease. Furher Fauci insists on mandatory jabs of an experimental, toxic vaccine. When can the NUREMBERG TRIALS begin ?


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