Here We Go Again: Mutant Virus Drives Italy into National Lock-Down

Hours after Biden delivered his first prime-time address in the US, the Italian government marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the pandemic by calling for another emergency lock-down amid growing fears of the threat posed by mutated strains of the virus.

UK Coronavirus Variant Mutates Further In Oregon

Variants in the U.S. – CDC Map

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Mutant Virus Drives Italy into National Lock-Down”

  1. CTV Health News Toronto – March 11, 2021 reported that virtally
    NO ONE GOT THE FLU this winter (See 1:45​ minute mark)
    Is it plausible to think that the FLU was renamed to COVID-19?

    This report is full of propaganda and misinformation as they claim to have isolated the virus, which has NOT been the case according the Health Canada.
    (See video description for source link)

    In addition, CTV reports that masks work as well as social distancing and “obsessive” hand hygene to stop the spread of Covid-19.

    The biggest scientific achievement is vaccines.
    It is now being reported that vaccines can now be made in less than a year.

    People need to understand that the media is bought and paid for to push the political narratives.

    This is NOT going away until WE THE PEOPLE make it go away.


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  2. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headline” update. My piddly conclusion: HOGWASH (on top of preceding piles of HOGWASH). I figure this stuff, along with some new CDC guidelines I just heard about today, is just a way for them to continue the psyop- drama. The plot thickens when they see too many of the general public are sneering at them and too many in the Science fields are cutting holes in their lies; then it’s, oh, quick, we gotta stifle this” . Also, check out interview done with Fauci by a Mexican man, actor and comedian ( I think it can be found by google search and I viewed on The Highwire, Del Bigtree – you may laugh so hard that you will cry at Fauci’s undoing. We have no “journalists” in US that comes close to this interviewer! Seriously, I hope more will resist this, because these crooks are merely a House of Cards.


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