5 thoughts on “Here’s What’s About to Happen”

  1. From my college economics class, “Two castaways land on a deserted Island with nothing. They argee to search the island, splitting up, each going the opposite direction. When they met on the other side, one had found two bananas, the other found a briefcase with one million dollars. WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A BANANA?”

    In January 2020 the US money supply (currency in circulation) was 4 trillion dollars. In March 2021 the US money supply is 18 trillion. What is the price of a banana?

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  2. I am significantly disappointed that you do not provide attribution for the ‘script’ you read in this video episode.
    Michael Snyder deserves attribution for his work, which you basically read and used (virtually front-to-back) for your narration.

    You credit zerohedge.com, Davos, other sources throughout your work over this last year — what’s the issue with Michael Snyder’s work being used and not credited? Perhaps the name of his blog, theeconomiccollapseblog.com is a little too un-journalistic for your purposes?

    I see several channels all coming out with their versions of narrated reference to Snyder’s blog today in the vlogosphere.
    As a trained journalistic writer, I did MY due diligence and found Michael’s worthy piece to vett original sourcing and context for some of the statements being made in the econopocalypse echo-chamber this morning, all quoting his piece!

    How about you not only present your channel and website as having journalistic integrity, but actually maintain that standard?

    I’m sure many of your listeners/viewers/readership will have more respect for your future reports.
    As for me and my house, not so much. You’ve got some trust to re-establish with us, Nancy.


    1. The link to Snyder’s site is clearly listed above the article posted on Zero Hedge.
      My listeners are capable of accessing the links I provide.
      That you’re “significantly disappointed” with the manner in which I operate my site together with your
      condescending tone suggests your armchair psychoanalysis is better directed at yourself.
      By the way, nice touch using the first person plural “us” to refer to yourself.
      Get some help.

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  3. The Covid relief checks are the 21st century equivalent of “buddy can you are a dime?” Vast herds of sheeple will go to their graves never knowing what hit them.

    As for the inflation trend in art, the fact is art has long been nothing more than a money laundering scheme for rich Jews whom one will note own or control virtually all the major art galleries and sales venues. That is why absurd works of so called “art” sell for stratospheric prices.

    Just to make sure they are getting a good laugh at the expense of goy stupidity, they trade “art” works like this – https://visual-worlds.org/2019/09/01/piero-manzoni-the-economics-of-artistic-aura/ and these – https://www.oddee.com/item_98781.aspx. Such is the type of “art” the world famous Saatchi galleries deal in. So this should be no surprise – https://saatchi.com/en-uk/news/give-a-shit/


  4. If only people didn’t COMPLY with the lockdowns, masking and numerous tyrannical restrictions, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Now those that receive their stimulus cheques are forever enslaved to their masters – they will rule you.


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