HEADS-UP: New More Infectious Virus Variants Resilient to Current Jab – US Cases Spike

As Europe struggles with a third wave of infections forcing more governments to reimpose at least some lock-down measures, the US is finding that the number of newly confirmed cases is climbing again, with some of the biggest week-over-week increases seen in states that were praised for their inoculation diligence.

5 thoughts on “HEADS-UP: New More Infectious Virus Variants Resilient to Current Jab – US Cases Spike”

  1. Wow! The higher the vaccination rate the higher the spike in terrifying Covid cases. Who’da thought a coincidence such as this might ever occur? I know, I know, here comes, another vaccine conspiracy. And what about that “warp speed” assessment of the new “California strain?” Within minutes of discovery, “scientists” determine it is 20% more infections than the old strain. Now that’s real science for ya’. Well at least the Covid Jab completely cured the flu virus. Not a trace of flu virus to be found anywhere.

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    1. Canadian CTV Health News Toronto – March 11, 2021 reported that virtally NO ONE GOT THE FLU this winter
      (See 1:45​ minute mark)
      Is it plausible to think that the FLU was renamed to COVID-19?

      #Propaganda #Misinformation #vaccine

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  2. I’ve been ready to snap since April 2020.
    I’ve been censored – suspended and hushed on most platforms.

    Yes, rinse repeat is where we’re at and I thank the compliant sheep for getting us to this point.
    Wake UP people, wake up NOW.

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  3. Thank you, Nancy,for this Right On “Headlines”! Sharing! I think you have encapsulated this on-going predicament so well. It was some months ago when mr. doktor F of evil, or one of his assistants, threw into an interview the word “variant ” and right there I knew some of my worst suspicions on all this was going to come true; really, so obvious to many of us, even back then. This gives them a place in the world “forever” if they can keep their narrative(s) going. Lightside: ha ha, I could consider myself “A California Variant”- born/raised in so cal in the 50’s and pretty sure, since no flu vaxxies, I must have brought one of ’em along to where I’ve lived for a number of years, on the south coast of Oregon!


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