OUTRAGEOUS! PFIZER Demands Countries Put Up Military Bases as Collateral

THE U.S. PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS that received FDA Emergency Use Authorization for their experimental jabs against the virus — Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer — have privately discussed plans to raise prices on their jabs in the near future and to capitalize on the lasting presence of the virus.

Pfizer Demands Collateral from Latin American Countries

Pfizer Financials

Full Transcript of Pfizer/Barclay’s Bank Zoom Call

2 thoughts on “OUTRAGEOUS! PFIZER Demands Countries Put Up Military Bases as Collateral”

  1. “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.” – Vladimir Lenin

    Life has become an unreal nightmare. If I didn’t know how these murderers work, if did not know their culture, their religion, their customs and the way their minds work, I would not believe what I am hearing. The murderers running the drug companies are arguing over pricing structures for a vaccine purposely designed to kill and maim the population.

    What’s not to Jew in this picture?

    Note how there are no real people involved in this bizarro discussion? The entire discourse is between governments and major corporate interests, yet it is the little people, the hoi polli, the unwashed masses, the deplorables in flyover country, who are at the complete mercy of their merciless governments and drug company’s vaccine injections. It is the little people, the real people, who will ultimately pay the price for these killer drugs, both literally and figuratively. Even Rod Serling could not come up with a script like this.

    OUTRAGEOUS! The defining concept behind the word “Chutzpah.”


  2. Wow! Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headlines” chock-full of the continuing/continual shenanigans of these Torturers-at-large! Lots of research done, and it is appreciated. Most of us average-joes aren’t able to keep track of this high deception, and certainly truth-in- journalism (especially of the “News Media” variety) is long gone. This all astoundingly unbelievable on the face of it, but more so regarding the general public’s following the dictates of drug companies, many of which we have seen are only “Masks” for multi-national corps., and the profit of their Investors; running roughshod over people often to their life-long injuries and deaths.


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