One thought on “LEAKED EMAIL: White House Moves to Elevate Vice President Harris”

  1. Relax. Don’t panic. The Jewnighted Snakes’ Zionist-American administration has everything under control. These doghouse stage-clowns are merely meat puppets selected and groomed to take orders without question, while providing the illusion of leadership. The real leaders are buried deep, where they can neither be exposed or accessed. Their control over the Judeoamerican government is total.

    The idea has already been floated that Harris’ foreign birth runs against constitutional law banning foreign born citizens from acting as president. This may result in political upheaval that might well bring Trump out of the shadows to resume his administration. This would explain those quiet, conspiratorial, whispers about Trump still working behind the scenes to “drain the swamp.”

    Should that happen, Red Hat America will heave a huge sigh of relief and rush to provide full, unquestioning, support behind Trump, providing him with the dictatorial powers many Americans are lusting for in their leadership to right the sinking ship of state.

    Even so, be forewarned Trump is yet another straw dog ~ er ~ man. America is now at the end of a game going into sudden death overtime. As the end approaches at warp speed, life will not resemble anything remotely like that previously experienced up to this point.

    For a mental image of the horror show about to descend upon America, read the historical accounts of the Soviet Union and other Judeocommunist administrations that have ruled various countries around the world. Read about the bloody horror and mind-bending terror Judeocommunism has wrought upon those countries that fell prey to its siren call sung with pretty words that were naught but hollow lies.

    Starvation, torture, fear, terror, summery execution, sadistic medical practices and draconian policies that murder and terrorize large segments of the population will become the norm. Now is the time to prepare for death as it relentlessly approaches everyone unable to escape its terror.

    So how many of you bought the lie that Soviet Judeocommunists willingly turned out the lights in Russia and walked away at the apogee of their power from their beloved, proletariat sheep? How many of you now realize the Judeocommunists simply changed their venue to a fatter calf?


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