4 thoughts on “Enter Ebola”

    1. Ooo! I like the cootie part. Just so happened to be discussing this thing with my son just 2 days ago, waiting for menu in a nice diner in our small town (south coast Oregon) where it felt like “old times” again, almost like we stepped back in time, like the Wild West, maybe?! and we (really walkin ‘on egg shells here) sat down at a booth that was still cluttered with the last occupants dishes, etc., horrors. Before waitress could come back to clean up (my son had picked that particular booth, tho’ others were cleaned up – guess we really had the desire to push our immune systems to the limits?!) and I laughed and said, oh watch out for the cootie bugs! Which led us into the history of the game Cooties (I had first edition of this game in early 50’s as a child) and remembered that calling “cooties” on someone was the worst you could say about someone. My son looked up the game on internet; ya, check out the original cootie bug that I remember playing the game with! Scary.


  1. Thank you for this “Headlines”, Nancy! I call “Fishy” on this story now promulgated by our controllers…but whether it is or not, look up the many reports/analyses regarding Ebola by Mr. Jon Rappoport- a real-journalist of many years; Factual reporting.


  2. Let’s see now, why would the government allow travel to African regions where there are known Ebola outbreaks even as they proceed at “warp speed” to roll out the Covid safety pass that will be required for all social functions, like breaking wind and travel to the corner store?

    Hmmm . . . let me think – Wait! I know, I know! Those SOBs are attempting to mass genocide all the deplorable, useless eaters out here! No? A bit over the top you say? How about (((they))) are reveling in torturing us to a point where we finally begin killing each other as well as ourselves?

    No? Well how about the government is genuinely concerned with our welfare and are therefore doing everything possible to save America by monitoring the situation and developing medical procedures and vaccines that will assure everyone will be able to lead long, happy productive livers? – uh – lives.

    Hey! Quit moving the TelePrompter goddammit!


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