3 thoughts on “San Diego Teachers to Instruct Immigrant Kids In-Person”

  1. What!? Why!? What about OUR kids!!!! This is what leadership is?! Lights on,but only braindead zombies home. Great job so far Harris!!! Not!!! Idiots the whole lot of Democrats. Or cowards!!! 100day grade:F-!!!

    On Wed, Mar 31, 2021, 3:25 PM Headlines with a Voice wrote:

    > headlineswithavoice posted: ” Teachers in San Diego are going to the > city’s convention center to instruct immigrant children in-person, as > schools in the county remain largely online-only. ” >


  2. In Your Faces Parents!
    In case you don’t understand, Your Children, like your Tax Dollars, like your Vote, mean little to CA. Politicians.
    I was schooled in San Diego. My children between Santa Barbara & Monterey counties with the youngest graduating in 2000, That’s when I exited. And after 20 yrs I remain amazed that more parents were unable to see the script on the walls.
    Can you see it now? Are you willing to see it?


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