HEADS-UP: New More Infectious Virus Variants Resilient to Current Jab – US Cases Spike

As Europe struggles with a third wave of infections forcing more governments to reimpose at least some lock-down measures, the US is finding that the number of newly confirmed cases is climbing again, with some of the biggest week-over-week increases seen in states that were praised for their inoculation diligence.

According to Fauci

Appearing on NBC News Sunday Dr Fauci and host Chuck Todd declared that more pandemics are on the way because of climate change and globalization.

NBC’s @chucktodd tells Dr. Fauci: “It’s inevitable” we’ll have more pandemics in the future because of “climate change”

Fauci on if Americans might be able to finally schedule a wedding this year: “That’s a good question … I can’t give you that exact date”

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Here We Go Again: Mutant Virus Drives Italy into National Lock-Down

Hours after Biden delivered his first prime-time address in the US, the Italian government marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the pandemic by calling for another emergency lock-down amid growing fears of the threat posed by mutated strains of the virus.

UK Coronavirus Variant Mutates Further In Oregon

Variants in the U.S. – CDC Map

Playing God

In August 2014, the World Journal of Biological Chemistry, published an article on Craig Venter, the American geneticist, biochemist, and businessman that pioneered new techniques in genetics and genomics research and lead the first draft sequence of the human genome and assembled the first team to transfect a cell with a synthetic chromosome.

Life is More than a Computer running DNA Software

CDC Issues Less-Restrictive Guidelines

As federal health officials in the U.S., including Dr. Fauci, chide states for easing pandemic restrictions, the CDC released new guidelines advising fully inoculated people may spend time together indoors without masks or social-distancing.

Fauci’s AZT