4 thoughts on “What’s the “Carrot” Going to be if Everything is Reopened?”

  1. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headlines”! And you nailed it with your narrators note! When they think they have their cooties all in a row, they like to come out to the public and rub it in their faces, don’t they?! Well, I say, here’s a window (as they reveal) – let’s run with it!


  2. This person is NOT an American citizen. By advocating that the government withhold our natural born rights unless we take this mutating virus producing jab, this foreigner has voided her citizenship because she has violated the oath she took to become a American citizen. She should be deported immediately. The fact that Wen, Como & others don’t have a problem with the government & businesses violating the basic rights of American citizens unless they do something they don’t want or have to do. This shows what type of people they really are, Communist or Authoritarians.
    I made a comment about the jab. The fact that closet Eugenicist Bill Gates is involved made me suspect from the start. When I read about the states that have given out the most jabs also have the most variants of the virus, my first thought was the pharma’s have programmed the jab to change something inside a person if or when they get infected. Glad I’m not the only one. Enjoy & share Sarah Travagline’s blog, she has convinced me.


  3. Ever notice how characters like this appear out of nowhere to become a voice of authority overnight on matters of which they could not possibly have sufficient authoritative knowledge to expound upon? Suddenly they are in all the lofty places, hobnobbing with all the “right people” as members of all the critical globalist groups.

    Is it not obvious this individual is a part of the Jew’s subversive fifth element, imported from a Judeocommunist cultural region, to further the American, Judeocommunist agenda? Did you know that, thanks to Mao’s “one child” program and the Chinese penchant for sons, there is a shortage of young, Chinese women? Yet the Chinese allowed this one to immigrate, how curious is that?

    Like the golden, Kenyan Negro, born in a mud hut in the Maui wilderness, who rose to become an American president, China girl was groomed for her position as the cultural product of a hive-minded, socialist, society. Born in the land of rampant Judeocommunism, she was brought to the Jewnited Snakes under the guise of political persecution. Fleeing the horrors of her native land, she is then miraculously accepted to a top American university where she makes good under the free enterprise system. How many times have we been fed such mythical bullsh . . . ~ er ~ legends.

    Oy Vey Bubi! Here is yet another shining example of how America is the greatest “melting pot” in the world! Would you look at this miracle from Shanghai? Once again, we are presented with a glowing figurine of what happens when America allows oppressed minorities from all over the world to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Seeing this, one cannot help but admire this fine, upstanding, example of the young, upcoming generation of minorities shaping America’s future.

    With her CV correctly shined to the proper luster, China girl is trotted out by the Judeocommunist government/media as an authoritative voice on the vaccination program. All the while projecting the image of poster girl for what can be accomplished by besieged minorities fleeing form the horrors of their oppressively, abusive native countries to the land of the free. Will America ever tire of the Jew media’s dog and pony shows?

    By the way Nancy, it’s called “chutzpah.” The outrageous effrontery to lie right to your face with the demand to believe what you are being told. It worked wonders for the Holocaust narrative. Other oriental cultures are almost as good at the chutzpah game as their Jewish brethren from the east – almost.


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