Pfizer’s Former Vice President Sounds Multiple Alarms

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with “the most senior research position” in his field, speaks-out about what he calls the coming carnage.

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10 thoughts on “Pfizer’s Former Vice President Sounds Multiple Alarms”

  1. If you look at the US military population projections for countries (just search for ‘deagle population projections’), you will see that in 2025, the US population has dropped by 75%. Now why or how would that be possible? It was only with all this so called virus and the subsequent solutions (which have been planned for years) that the numbers began to be understandable. And just to add to the horrors, there is a lot of recent discussion about the effects of the V gene modification and how it separates us from the ‘God particle’—that is to say, according to a psychic healer, it separates our soul from our body, priming us all for the rise of the new AI human.

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  2. Plandemic Biowarfare Gaming Exercises ( JH&R = John Hopkins & Rockefeller)
    Operation Dark Winter, June 2001 by JH&R
    Future Warfare 2025, July 2001 by NASA (trauma based mind control)
    Scenarios for Future Technology, 2010 by JH&R
    Claude X, 2018 by JH&R
    Event 201, Oct 2019 by JH&R
    and the recently discovered > SPARS Pandemic, Oct 2017 by JH&R at > protecting pirates by exterminating sheeple

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  3. I would like to say just how damn satisfying it is to be getting information that aligns with the laws of science, human nature and grounded commonsense.

    I would love to be sitting in the upper division viral genetics courses at our country’s Universities these days. Come to think of it, maybe I should audit a course, keep my mouth shut and listen in… yeah its all zoom anyway. So hell ya!

    The science, the viral mechanisms, the cascading immune response for this event are not hidden from anyone in this field of study. Its all screaming out to anyone with their hands on the data. Data, really quite easy to obtain. I’m sure there are quiet conversations going on in the background around the world that would alarm the hair off the back of my neck.

    Human beings are a sick bunch of idiots. But its true, there are too many people on this planet and we are too self-centered and stupid to handle it in a constructive way. So what are we left with? Yeah, exactly what this Dr. Yeadon is describing.

    And it doesn’t even matter if he’s right about his predictions. What matters is if what he is saying is possible. And there is absolutely no doubt that these viral laboratories have the capabilities he’s described and much more. So all you need next is a group of some Sick & Twisted greedy idiots to moral convince themselves with some version of “the greater good” and its all over.

    Just for clarity, I don’t hear the Doctor expressing concern about the current vaccines. He’s really talking about the Pharmaceutical industry continuing to play off the monitoring structures put into place and fears created during this pandemic to maintain, strengthen and develop the foothold they have already obtained.

    So my question is, does having a Pfizer shot give you a better immune response than if you simple get the virus outright and recover. Bottomline, how complex of an expression of the virus is Pfizer’s or Moderna’s 2nd shot?

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    1. Not true that there are too many people. We are often clustered into small spaces which gives the illusion of overcrowding, but there is enough room and resources for twice the population we have now.


  4. Looks like a blank page on Odysee platform, Nancy! Hope there is alternate plan….can Monograph do his digging with the “back button”? That former scientist better flee to safety before he is ……


  5. Oh, Nancy, I just listened to the doctor’s talk! Went back to Odysee and waited a few moments before the white screen lit up. Wow, how I wish this could go “viral” – and I will share. I think this is one of your most important finds. Thank you for doing your work here. Thank you, doctor, for taking the time (and danger?) to say this. Maybe other alt media reporters can spread his talk too.


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