“Two Very Smart People” and the Former President Walk into a Bar

After the CDC and the FDA announced their decision to pause the Johnson & Johnson jabs due to a one-in-a-million adverse reaction issue, Trump unleashed a statement raging at the decision.

Johnson and Johnson – Consumer Safety

Johnson and Johnson – Legal Action

“Two very smart people”

7 thoughts on ““Two Very Smart People” and the Former President Walk into a Bar”

  1. Let me clean out my ears as I can’t believe what I just heard.
    Okay, I listened again……. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Does anyone else see the day where thugs are holding us down and sticking us with this toxic jab (for our own good)?
    This MUST be stopped NOW!

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  2. “…damage for political reasons.” What a swan-song statement! (He does seem to continue desiring to be in limelight, gaffing all the way.) Maybe the history books will note this one, a really infamous one, to my thinking. Thank you, Nancy, for this gem analysis.


  3. Both could be true.
    The Roll-out pause before an election and
    the Dole-out pause to destroy competition.
    How about we get real data of the harm caused by all three Jabs?!


  4. “…damage for political reasons” Like that is something new? May I remind you of the NAFTA re-write you were so proud of Mr Trump. You Sir were a speed-bump We Americans so desperately needed and for that We are grateful. Was your re-election stolen? Robbed from the American voter…certainly! And with your help. So please…


  5. Adverse Reaction Caught on Video in Texas at Drive Thru “SHOT” clinic … Moderna 👇🏼
    Imagine if you will, this man driving on the highway when he experienced this adverse event.


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