5 thoughts on “It’s a Trap!”

  1. May God bless us our family and our endeavours.
    I ask the Creator to clear the narrow path, while we command satan to walk behind us.
    May our heart express our thoughts and your tongue reward us, on Gods judgement day.
    Lord with your wisdom, we lack. Through your integrity, we gain. With your mercy, we conquer. So I pray to you in Jesus name, through your promise, to open the eyes of the people. To clear the ears of your subjects. To enlighten the heart of the world, so that we may enter your promised kingdom. I give thanks for your gift of your only begotten Son, for our salvation.
    I pray all will sing the Lords song of praise and thanks “together”, the moment following judgement day.
    Let our hurdles be lessons and experiences be wisdom for that day we work “together”, for to be with our saviour, as promised by the Father.
    In this I ask; in JESUS name. As I proclaim Jesus as my saviour, with my heart, my thoughts, my tongue and my display of obedience for others. While using The Father’s Word and Light as guidance, an example and most of all a mentor, through this sacrifice as the Father’s only begotten Son. I repent and ask forgiveness of my sin debt to the Saviour.


  2. To believe what you do, you would have to think Wood is a Charlatan. At this point, I don’t think he is. His defense of Richard Jewel makes me think he is honest. Also his association with Sydney Powell Makes me think he is honest. Besides, the deep state can find all sorts of lists of Qanon believers already existing. I’ve found you to be an alarmist and a drama queen.


  3. I have always had a natural aversion to crowds. I missed Woodstock because I did not want to cram into a bus with fellow hippies. In the late sixties, with flowers in my hair, I participated in antiwar and civil rights demonstrations. It was then I discovered that people in a crowd are not what one knows on an individual basis.

    For most, being in a crowd is like a drug. Feeling they are totally anonymous and invisible, they lose all inhibitions and mayhem proceeds from there. Later, I once again participated in the now diminishing antiwar rallies, this time in uniform, marching in wedge formation with fixed bayonet (sheathed) and loaded magazine (but none in the chamber).

    It was there I found myself looking into a mirror at the ugly reflection of the orchestrated mindlessness of which I had once been a part. I attended a couple of rock concerts after that before deciding, in the best Jewish Hallowedhoax tradition, “NEFFER AGAIN!” No more public events for me. That was almost half a lifetime ago.

    Now, thanks to Covid insanity, I hardly ever leave the house. I find it difficult to look at all the mindless masked sheeple, asleep with eyes wide shut. You know, the kind of sheeple that attend mindless, mass rallies.

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  4. Thank you, Nancy, for this very needed analysis. I guess when the “Kraken” didn’t make its appearance and S Powell told us, and the court, that no one would really believe her retoric (all a jest), she and this mimic of all the Bible-pounding shysters (did Trump’s crew get paid up before the axe was laid to Trump’s online scam “fund-raising”?!) of bygone American history will be roaming around the country with the unseen help of agitators, that is, the deep-state types (no doubt about it), looking for whom they may devour. We can see there are still loads of these hoodwinked folk, who are aiding and abetting a deepening polarization of the country.


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