4 thoughts on “BioNTech CEO: Third Dose Will be Required”

  1. Thank you, Nancy, for this “Headlines”! Right out of the gate: a lying devil. About every other sentence: lies and subterfuge. Right near the end, “move more freely”?! 😨 and one criteria just for me: those who decline the poison/immune “compromised” – by holding to my Faith.


  2. Sahin said, “We expect entirely too many people will survive the jab. Maybe as many as 10% to 25% of the vaccinated will survive the first jab. Therefore, we anticipate continued, repeated jabbing until we can be sure most of the planet’s human population is dead. Thanks to our jab, we look forward to the day when the few hundred million people remaining as our slave labor force, will be able to visit everyone they ever knew in the graveyard and won’t that be wonderful?”


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