What to Expect from Attorney General William Barr


Like Sessions before him, William Barr, the newly minted Attorney General of the United States is a member of the D.C. establishment.

For those of you that believe Barr will clean house, it’s time to wake up.

It isn’t going to happen. Never. Ever. The most anyone can expect from Willie is possibly going after low hanging fruit. Actually, no. Not even that. Because all the low hanging fruit leads directly back to the Clinton machine.

The time has come for everyone to understand, to know, the traitors will never be brought to justice under the current system. It’s beyond repair. Everyone involved is so utterly compromised. Let me remind you of who William Barr is.

He is the man that gave the federal agents involved in the Ruby Ridge debacle a free pass. Does anyone listening remember this infamous and heartless tactic the federal agents broadcast over loud speakers for the surviving members of the Weaver family to hear in the days after Vicki Weaver’s life was ended by one of the agents William Barr went on to protect from prosecution?

Good morning, Mrs. Weaver. We had pancakes this morning. And what did you have for breakfast? Why don’t you send the children out for some pancakes, Mrs. Weaver.”

This is the man you believe will bring justice to the department of justice? Robert Mueller’s best friend? The one whose wife attends the same bible study group as Mueller’s wife? Never gonna happen. Never. Ever.

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How Many Americans Does it Take?


Here is the tail-end of Congressman Brook’s interview.

Two years ago was the time when Trump should have declared a national emergency and invoked the Pentagon to have the U.S. Military begin building the wall at the border, Brooks said.

The president two years ago should have declared a national emergency,” Brooks said. “The president two years ago should have used statutes like 10 United States Code § 284 where he has the power to direct the United States Military to go the border and to build a wall. And there’s money, over a billion worth of funds just using that one statute.”



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Border-Package is Amnesty for All


Last night, Congressman Mo Brooks urged President Trump to veto a spending bill put forward by establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Trump, Brooks said, should veto the spending bill.

If the president were to veto it, we would sustain his veto,” Brooks said. “I would certainly hope that the president will veto because it’s really bad for America. Whether he will or not, I can’t say.”



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Compromise Proves Democrats Won the Senate Too


President Donald Trump will sign the compromise package funding the government and declare a national emergency on the border, the White House confirmed on Thursday.

President Trump will sign the government funding bill, and as he has stated before, he will also take other executive action – including a national emergency – to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.



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Here’s How They Lie and Always Get Away w/ It


On October 11, 1996, the False Statements Accountability Act was sponsored by a one-term freshman Senator William J. Martini who later became a federal judge. It included a peculiar Subsection (b) that permits judges, attorneys and parties to lie to Congress, courts and agencies without liability.



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Everyone’s a Critic


The President will continue to face push-back. But now that will be coupled with criticism from his supporters. Citizens that don’t have the time to delve into the history, motivation and corruption that has driven the more than two-year investigation into Russian collusion. Some call them low-information citizens. I prefer to call them the average person that voted for President Trump because they believed he would drain the swamp and most importantly, lock her up. And while I understand better than most, that particular task is nearly impossible for one man to achieve, given the entrenched obstructionists within the federal government, better known as the countless members of the Senior Executive Service, working diligently to thwart all of the President’s policies, the average Trump voter/supporter is completely clueless and has no conception of the concerted push-back his administration has faced since he took office.

While it’s true a great number of people have become aware of the depth of corruption in the federal government, I believe it’s important for those of us that are awake to understand the majority of the American people are not. Additionally, in my opinion, even the President had no idea how twisted and rotten the system is until he took office. How much pressure can one man take? Who among you listening, rather than hammering-out rebukes and critiques on your keyboards aimed at those of us that are doing what we can to wake up the sleeping masses have the balls to put your money where your mouths are and actually step up to the plate to do your part to make a difference? How many? Too busy with your 9-5’s like everyone else?



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