Kissinger Pushes Post-Pandemic “World Order”


In an opinion-piece published in the Wall Street Journal on April 3, 2020, former national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon and Ford administrations, pusher of unimaginable human suffering and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Henry Kissinger, takes advantage of the pandemic to argue the United States must launch a transition to a post-virus world order.

Reamed On a Scale Never Before Seen in History


Because the March survey-week took place around March 13, ahead of the lock-downs and layoff announcements, today’s payrolls report was expected to be not quite as grim as initial claims suggested. It was catastrophic nonetheless, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting moments ago that a whopping 701K jobs were lost in March, 7x more than the 100K expected, just shy of the worst payrolls prints recorded during the financial crisis.

Millions of Small Business Owners Get the Shaft


It’s the first day that America’s small businesses can apply for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, the $350 billion program that is part of the bigger $2 trillion bailout package designed to provide small businesses access to capital for payroll and other overhead costs to the tune of 2.5 months of average payroll and which must be accessed via an existing banking relationship …


Locked-Down Indefinitely?!


Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated the United States will not come out of lock-down until there are no new cases, prompting some to question precisely how long that will be.

I think if we get to the part of the curve that Dr. Birx showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases. I think it makes sense that you will have to relax social distancing,” Fauci said.