Feds File to Dismiss Epstein Case


Federal prosecutors in New York asked the court to dismiss the case against Jeffrey Epstein .

Allison Moe, Alex Rossmiller, and Maurene Comey, assistant U.S. attorneys in the Southern District of New York, filed papers in the district on Aug. 19 requesting U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman drop the case against Epstein.

The prosecutors noted that the indictment against Epstein was returned on July 2, charging him with two counts.

You Agreed to the Terms


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been leading the pack of some two dozen Democratic primary contenders on a range of progressive issues. But here’s one survey they probably don’t want you to see.

According to a survey from the National Association of Business Economists, canceling Americans’ student debt, one of the most pressing domestic issues for 2020, would have an adverse impact on the US economy – instead of unleashing the millennial generation’s consumption power, allowing them to settle down, buy homes and start families.

Three Mile Island


Situated directly across from the number two reactor that suffered a partial meltdown on Three Mile Island in 1979 – is another unit that remains one of the region’s largest power sources. In fact, the second unit has provided power for 45 years without incident. Now, that unit is scheduled to be decommissioned by September 30 2019.

Plant owner Exelon says that it will shutter the entire Three Mile Island facility 15 years before its license expires. While reactor number two was brought down by human error, Three Mile Island is being brought down by utility-industry economics.