No Strings Attached


Every once in a while someone comes along that refreshes my faith in humanity. Someone that offers assistance with no strings attached.

No expectations. No, “If I do this for you, then you’ll do this for me.”

Several weeks ago, one such individual offered to transcribe my audios into Spanish. I agreed, thinking,”Yeah, sure. We’ll see.”

Since then, my in-box has received regular submissions.

To date, 16 of my narrations have been translated into Spanish. And she’s currently working on several more.  And so, I wish to thank Grace L. for her contributions.

Grace, you’re a gem and a true patriot.


Thank you,





The Armchair Political Analyst Presents:



by The Armchair Political Analyst

The following are seven possible scenarios to expect as the 2020 election cycle approaches.


Scenario number one:

If Donald Trump runs in 2020, the Swamp will not allow him to win.

Under no circumstances will they permit another Trump victory.

The Democrats have proven they can, and will, steal every election in sight as they did during the 2018 midterms.

Case Closed!


Scenario number two:

Donald Trump decides not to run in 2020 for any one of a number of reasons.

As difficult as this possibility is for many Trumpsters to understand, it’s growing more likely by the day.

And as The Armchair Political Analyst I can offer so many valid reasons why Trump won’t run that it will be a miracle if he does.

Let’s be very real: for Trump to run again would be an act of self-immolation on many levels and in many ways. 

How so?  The extremely powerful and pervasive forces of the D.C. Swamp are vastly arrayed against him.

Following this same analysis would lead any reasonable person to conclude that were Trump to run and win, he would not finish his second term.

At his advanced age, Trump is also too vulnerable.  The extraordinary pressures of the job over the past four years — with the entire establishment working hard against him 24/7 — would simply be unbearable for another 4 long years.

Again, everything points to the great likelihood that Trump simply won’t run in 2020.



Scenario number three:

Trump will run and somehow be elected — against all odds — for the sole purpose of resigning so that his carefully selected Vice President will succeed him.

Because of the prosecutions he will be facing, and there will be multiple frivolous charges contrived against him, Trump might consider this to be a serious option.

In this instance, his hand-chosen VP-turned-POTUS could shield him from Mueller’s madness or any other false convictions from New York prosecutors, via a presidential pardon.

However, Trump would be seriously underestimating the power of the Swamp to deprive him of a legitimate victory should he choose to run.



Scenario number four:

Trump launches a serious 2020 campaign but without the support he had during the 2016 election cycle. The political calculus shows the following.

Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Bolsheviks, Left-wingers, etc. all detest Trump more than ever.

The center does not have the stomach for another 4 years of Trump. Unless those Independents turned hard right they will not show up on November 3, 2020.  They certainly won’t vote Democrat and will only vote if a legitimate Independent candidate appears who is from neither major party.

As for the Right, there’s no question that the majority of real Conservatives , Christians, Patriots Nationalists, Libertarians and Tea partiers, as well as Reagan Republicans will pull the lever for Trump.  However, Trump has lost a huge chunk of this voting demographic.

For example, the anti-war crowd and peacemakers on the Right got off the Trump train as soon as he began warmongering. The fierce opponents of Obamacare left because it’s still there. The border wall devotees are extremely unhappy that a wall was not approved when he had sound Republican majorities in Congress.  The egalitarians among them are not pleased with the passed tax-bill for the wealthy, not the middle class. The Libertarians are angry at the ballooning national debt under Trump, as well as the ever-increasing trade deficit and massive growth of government.

Of course, the Bush Republicans along with many Neocons really despise Trump just like John McCain did.  Traditional Republicans who are system players are truly mortified at Trump’s presidential conduct and will be Never Trumpers forever.  Likewise, many of the Big OilBig PharmaBig Agra and Military-Industrial Complex Republicans now want for another presidential pitchman.  While Trump has served their respective agendas thus far, Trump fatigue has already set in.

Yes, the mainstream media-hating Right will ride the Trump train forever, but even that number constantly changes as events continuously conspire to hinder Trump’s MAGA agenda.

The bottom line here is that while Trump plays to his base with great focus and effectiveness, that base has shrunk considerably.  The numbers will not show up for him in 2020 like they did in 2016.  Hence, he loses providing there’s a viable Democrat.



Scenario number five:

The Democrats nominate a super loser. For instance, Beto O’Rourke.

Even if Trump runs, the Swamp will ensure he loses.

If Hillary runs again, that would likely trigger a massive turnout to the polls by the Right.

This scenario hinges on who the democrats nominate.

Therefore, it’s impossible to speculate about the outcome and so this case is “not closed”.  But for now…



Scenario number six:

President Trump has been so preoccupied putting out fires that he has neglected to defend the Second Amendment.

It was only due to the herculean efforts of the Alt Media and Fifth Estate that Trump won in 2016. Rather than be rewarded, hundreds of Alt Media platforms have been delisted, de-platformed, shadow-banned, demonitized and demeaned by both Social Media and Big Tech. Not to mention the CIA-controlled mainstream-media.

The President’s neglect to defend and protect independent journalists, bloggers and YouTube creators, in short, his staunchest supporters, will prove to be an unmitigated disaster for his run-up to 2020.  Without the support of the Alt Right media, the Trump campaign’s job just became more difficult…if not impossible.

Because the President has made no attempt to uphold the Second Amendment in this regard, many on the Right wonder if Trump has a secret intention to abandon his candidacy.

If this is true, the later Trump exits the race, the greater the catastrophe for the Patriot Movement.



Scenario number seven:

A true Independent comes out of nowhere.

They are well received by both the Right and the Middle because of their fierce rejection of the two-party system.

The pillars of their respective platform actually align quite well with a great majority of Americans.

This candidate is a truth speaker, first, second and third.  They really walk their talk and they fully supported the Trump revolution.

They even guarantee a promise to maintain Trump’s legacy while committing to steadily tearing down the Obamanation.

With this tacit support for President Trump, this individual assuages any fears that the Trump train will be derailed.

Trump leaves the race and goes all in for the mystery candidate in the middle.


In light of these various stark realities, what options does the Right really have at this defining time in U.S. history?

Whatever they are, it’s time to take the necessary initiatives — political, social, and economic — to avert the final downfall of the American Republic.