Over 5,000 Under Quarantine


U.S. immigration authorities have placed more than 5,000 adults in medical quarantine because of mumps and chicken pox outbreaks in immigrant detention centers.

The quarantine order affects people in 39 Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers throughout the country. Detainees have either been diagnosed with one or both of the infections or have been exposed.

Sarah Sanders is Leaving the White House


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is leaving the Trump administration at the end of June, President Donald Trump announced Thursday.

Sanders became the administration’s deputy press secretary after Trump took office in 2017 and was later promoted to press secretary after Sean Spicer left the role. She was the third woman to hold the position after the Clinton administration’s Dee Dee Myers and the Bush administration’s Dana Perino.

4-D Chess or Sell-Out?


GMO’s and their related chemical pesticides have long been pushed heavily by establishment Republicans. That’s another important reminder why it’s good to never be swept into a political party. Rather, evaluate each candidate based on their principles and actions.

Even though Trump is far from an “establishment” Republican, to the frustration of health-conscious Americans, he just signed an executive order that might as well be called “the GMO Streamlining Act.” This executive order directs federal agencies to reduce or eliminate regulations and oversight mechanisms that might help ensure the safety of genetically engineered crops.


The Executive Order