Costa Mesa Tells TPTB to Pound Sand


Earlier this week, I reported that a Japanese couple recently visited the state of Hawaii, a popular destination among Chinese and Japanese tourists. Both husband and wife later tested positive for the virus. The man, while in Honolulu, visited a friend that’s a local resident.


City of Costa Mesa, CA   vs   The Usual Suspects

Mark Pantano: The Real Donald Trump


Attorney, constitutional conservative and author of the book, Destroying Trump: The Left’s Obsession to Take Down the President and What It Means for America, Mark Pantano doesn’t pull his punches. He tells it like it is.

Anyone that has the ability for critical thought has been keenly aware of the facts that Pantano lays-out in his latest podcast.

Pantano’s unapologetic analysis puts so-called conservatives Levin and Limbaugh, in their current iterations, to shame.

For those still committed to worshiping at the altar of Trump, Pantano’s critique is guaranteed to offend the shit out of you.

Facts have a tendency to do that.

Wake up, fellow patriots. We’re on our own.