Make $185,000 a Year in Frisco

I wish I could say this was a satire piece, but a new story in the San Francisco Chronicle reveals just how lucrative collecting human poop actually isIt’s just the latest in a string of shocking revelations throughout the summer, exposing how deep San Francisco’s vagrant-generated poop problem covering its public streets actually runs.



The United States is a Democracy?


What word is used more often than any other, to describe the United States’ political system? Most of you know this and you’re right. It’s democracy.

Every president in recent memory, has used the word. Most of your elected public servants think they work in a democracy. Supreme court justice, Stephen Breyer, even wrote a book recently on Making Our Democracy Work.



DOJ Indicted Him After He Spoke Out

In 2015, during the Obama administration, Congressman Duncan Hunter discovered the Hillary Clinton state department was negotiating a 35-year, no-bid lease with Saddam Hussein’s former nuclear scientist, on Florida’s Port Canaveral. Hunter requested the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) conduct a national security threat analysis of the Gulftainer port deal and was refused.


Unknown Number are Here

On December 13th, 2017, I reported on Robert Mueller’s connection to Project Pelican. Project Pelican is the name of a 35-Year no-bid lease of a shipping and cargo container terminal at Florida’s Port Canaveral, granted to Gulftainer, a United Arab Emirates conglomerate with direct ties to …



Mueller and Project Pelican’s 35-Year Lease


The next time you watch a freight train pass by a railroad crossing, or hear the evocative sounds of the mournful horns of trains passing in the night or railroad crossing warning bells as flatbed rail cars double-stacked with cargo containers roll by, or see a flatbed semi-truck hauling a cargo container down the highway, keep in mind that President Barack Hussein Obama


The Perfect Storm