Mysterious Coronavirus Confirmed in Washington State


A mysterious coronavirus spreading rapidly in China has global health officials extremely concerned. 

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization will convene an emergency meeting to discuss whether the outbreak should be “declared a global health crisis”, after Chinese health officials confirmed the lethal pathogen is contagious and spread by human-to-human contact.

You Got it Wrong, Son

Hello Marshall, My Old Friend


In response to Marshall Mathers’ recent release of Darkness, a sophomoric retelling of the MSM-approved narrative on the slaughter that occurred in Las Vegas, researcher John E. Hoover, hits it out of the ball-park with a brilliant response.

Presented in a format familiar to Mathers, Hoover takes him to task for spreading the establishment’s bull-shit.

Don’t know who Hoover is? Never heard of his ground-breaking investigative work on the Vegas slaughter? Time to subscribe to his channel and meet the facts, son.



MSM Drooling on Rally Side-Lines



With the nation’s focus on Richmond, Virginia, CBS This Morning unleashed its CIA-scripted propaganda. Spewing choice words and phrases like: high-alert, authorities fear, Richmond on edge, FBI and local law enforcement, militias, with the prize going to: the former confederate capitol.


POTUS’ January 17, 2020 Tweet


A Must See


This incident occurred on Saturday, 01.18.2020 at 8:57 in the morning. My husband became a target of the pending Red Flag Law in VA. The reason the police came is due to a visit George made to the Capitol in order to become situationally aware of his surroundings on Lobby Day. His observations and the pictures he took made Capitol police concerned.

George was not the only person on Capitol grounds that day. He was not the only person taking pictures either. But George’s size and stature coupled with his purposeful actions made him a target for a dry run on Red Flag laws on a citizen of Virginia. Red Flag Laws have not been legalized in VA at this point.

The police told us they had a tip about George but what we soon discovered was the tip to the police came from the Capitol police itself. The Capitol police saw my husband as a threat and then tagged him as a danger. Ten days later the Capitol police, escorted with a State trooper came to our home. We had been rousted at our home on a quiet Saturday morning. Our home which is over a hundred miles from the Capitol and located at a 2nd amendment Sanctuary County.
At this point you should know that one of them was a Capitol police officer and the other was a State Trooper, homicide division. The two officers had their hand on their weapons when my husband stepped out the door to greet them. And the rest you can see on this video. Please share this with anyone who has questions about the Red Flag Laws being proposed. Trump was correct when he said, “They are not after me. They are after you”.


Alert: All Independent Journalists Covering Richmond


Everyone is familiar with those lovable folks that cover their faces and typically wear all black.

I can’t mention the name of their Soros-funded organization, because doing so is verboten. But they can be counted on to make an appearance and a destructive impression, wherever conservatives gather publicly.


Antifa Seven Hills “List”