$450 Million da Vinci Vanishes


In 2017, the art world was abuzz as drama unfolded around the sale of “Salvator Mundi,” a painting of Jesus Christ that was attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Intrigue surrounding the work ran high between its record-setting selling price of more than $450 million, an anonymous bidder thought to represent Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and experts from around the world debating the authenticity of the work, which looked distinctly different from da Vinci’s other works.

They Forgot the Polls!


During his radio program this week, Rush Limbaugh noticed something unusual about the ongoing border wall debate: a lack of polls.

He specifically noted that no meaningful polls were published after President Donald Trump delivered an Oval Office address Tuesday where he explained the ongoing debate to the public and implored Democrats to resolve it by agreeing to secure the southern U.S. border.



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