Shoemaker Stands His Ground

“Mr. Malcom, I hope you are not going to strike this boy with that stick.”

The speaker was 31-year-old Boston shoemaker and Tea Party participant, George Robert Twelves Hewes. Hewes had been walking along Fore Street in Boston on the afternoon of January 25, 1774 when he came across 50-year-old Loyalist and Customs officer, John Malcom, furiously shaking a large, heavy cane at the head of a small boy.

Satan Reveals His Method for Our Destruction

The elites always tell us what they are doing – this is called Revelation of the Method. From their point of view, if you’re too dense to recognize the revelation of their methods for your destruction, made public through the mainstream media and the entertainment industry, for example, that’s your problem. Consider it a form of ritual mocking.

Where is the President?

Where is the President of the United States? That’s the $500,000 question.

Official reports tell us the Commander in Chief is currently undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland. According to reports, the President was admitted to Walter Reed late Friday afternoon after testing positive.

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#STAGED Trending on Twitter

Originally tweeted by Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on October 3, 2020.

The Mother-Lode: WTAF?!

So there I am in my office, a few moments ago. Minding my own business. It’s 106 degrees in the shade. The AC is full-blast, because the dog demands it.

UPDATE: September 7, 2020: Shortly after this report was posted the WITS changed their entry, from COVID-19 Test-Kits to “Medical Test-Kits”. Here are snap-shots of several WITS’ archived pages, archived.

Below, are screen-shots.

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