CIA Whistleblower: They Hacked Chief Justice Roberts


Evidence is now circulating among lawmakers in Washington that makes the case Obama administration intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper hacked FISA court judge Reggie Walton in addition to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.



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Their Plans for Us


We know what George Soros & Company have been doing — 24/7 — since Trump’s election—fomenting civil unrest.

The single most essential part of their plan to overthrow Trump is to deceive enough Americans into believing that he is the enemy of the people.  A scan of the daily news reflects this purposefully fabricated perception.



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Proof Freshman Dem is a Class Act


The Democrats have taken over the House. Nancy Pelosi is once again speaker. And the great duel of wits begins between House Democrats and the Trump White House. The current fight is over border wall funding, that has shuttered the government for two weeks. Both sides are not budging. When this bout is over, the next battle will be over impeachment. Actually, every hearing House Democrats hold concerning the activities of this White House, its staff, and its policies should be viewed as impeachment hearings. 



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She Broke the Mueller Story


Bre Payton was a writer for the conservative online news magazine The Federalist and a guest commentator on the Fox News Channel. She was a rising star.

She seemed unafraid to take on things that mattered, including breaking the hard-hitting piece DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them on December 13th, where, unlike the mainstream media who later focused on the idea that there was ‘no evidence’ that these text messages were deliberately destroyed, Payton leaned towards the conclusion that there was criminal intent in the deletions, a notion supported by President Trump.

And then she died suddenly on Friday, December 28, 2018.

She was 26.



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If They Impeach Me


They plotted it carefully, for several days, with precise tactics, calling it off the first time in order to get the timing just right: a plan to charge the border in the middle of the night, on a holiday, estimating the U.S. Border Patrol would be asleep at their posts and too surprised to react. With the strategically invited television media-cameras in place to maximize the propaganda value, they charged.


The People Will Revolt

New Year’s Eve Border Surge

We Need the Wall



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