Americans’ Life-Savings Vanish from Mexican Bank


Kathy and Jim Machir are two of roughly 10,000 U.S. expatriates that moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Last December, the Machirs called Marcela Zavala Taylor, their Monex banker of 9  years, to get cash for contractors building their retirement home in San Miguel de Allende, a city of 69,000 about 500 miles south of McAllen, Texas. But Zavala didn’t return their calls and the Machirs discovered their nest egg was gone. Kathy Machir says: “When they told us we had 32¢ in our accounts, I just felt sick to my stomach. Since then, they have not dealt with us in good faith.”

Entire Intel Community Engaged in Sedition


According to former US attorney, Joe diGenova, the country is in a full-scale conflict. The deep state is fighting with everything they’ve got to keep their crimes from being exposed. It’s President Trump and Attorney General Barr against the entire intelligence community, including the FBI the unhinged democrats in congress and the deep-state controlled main-stream media.

The Jig’s Up, Comrade


Asked what he thought of the border-wall and of children being separated from the parents, the Pope said that building the wall is a mistake.

I do not know what is going on with this new culture that defends territories by building a wall,” the Pope said in a lengthy Spanish-language interview published Tuesday by Vatican News. “We already dealt with one, the one in Berlin, which brought us enough headaches and enough suffering.”

James Clapper Talks Violins on CNN


Tuesday, CNN national security analyst James Clapper weighed in on President Donald Trump brushing off North Korea’s missile tests.

Clapper, a former National Intelligence director, said Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day” that Trump showed he “badly” wants a deal with North Korea, but is only encouraging Kim Jong-un to “stretch the envelope further” by showing his hand.

Why is Pompeo Keeping Russia-Gate Evidence from Trump?


The legendary Bill Binney, the former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, and notorious whistleblower, at the request of President Trump, met with then CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virgina, in November of 2017. The purpose of this meeting was for Binney to present evidence, forensic evidence that the DNC server was not hacked by Russians. To date, Pompeo has not followed through and acted on the evidence Binney presented.