Trump Must Act Now



The buzz on the Internet has repeatedly warned about canceled presidential elections since September of 2001. That’s because there really are plans afoot to do just that.

The Right has finally come to its senses. After 8 years of Obama, the Democrat Party is finally recognized for what it really is. The Communist Party.

The Right patiently witnessed how the cultural marxists stealthily transformed the country into the USSA via dictatorial Executive Orders that were patently unlawful and unconstitutional.  This was Obama’s main mission.

Once Hillary Clinton was elected in 2016 (their plan failed miserably), the planned and highly organized scheme was to slowly morph the U.S. representative republic into a totalitarian dictatorship.

Top Pentagon Official: We Can Begin Wall Now


There are three caravans headed to the United States’ southern border with Mexico, according to top Pentagon official John Rood.

Rood testified to the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that one of the caravans contains over 12,000 migrants.

Current information shows that a caravan of over 12,000 people — there’s three that we are tracking, that the DHS is tracking en route, one that is over 12,000 by the latest estimate,” said Rood, who is the under secretary of Defense for policy.



Federal Judge Orders Documents Unsealed


A federal judge in Florida on Wednesday ordered the public release of dozens of documents kept under seal during BuzzFeed’s lawsuit over the Christopher Steele dossier. BuzzFeed was the first to publish the phony dossier.

District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro ordered the documents be made public by Feb. 8. More than 40 records used in the case are listed in the order.