He Refused to Answer


FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to the U.S. Senate Wednesday morning about domestic spying and government abuse of data.

Senator Rand Paul asked Director Wray if President Trump’s conversations are being collected in the FISA database and he would not answer.

Do you think that it is possible that the President’s conversations with international leaders are in the FISA database?” Senator Paul asked Director Wray.




Beans Spilled Too Soon


The left has come up with yet another scheme to stymie the GOP. This is the product of John Burton, an Obama acolyte and political activist who, harnessing the crowd-sourcing process, has signed up an army of amateur volunteers to examine the records of dozens of vulnerable GOP candidates with the intention of publicizing these findings in a string of October surprises.




Escape to Antioch

Now lying substantially buried beneath the rubble of countless earthquakes and ancient conflicts near the modern city of Antakya, Turkey, ancient Antioch was, at the time of Christ, the third most important city of the Roman Empire. Founded in 300 BC, it served as capital of the Seleucid Empire until, in 64 BC, it was annexed to the Roman Republic by Pompey.




“They’re Gonna Win in Nov.”


I guess, you know look I don’t want to give you any false hope here. I’m the level of my optimism is gone down to quite a degree. I still have it obviously I’m doing this, I’m making a movie I’m gonna have a TV series here in another month or so. I’m doing this because I believe there’s a chance to make this right.”



FBI Informant Owns Limo Co.

It is unclear whether mechanical failure or driver error led to Saturday’s limo accident in upstate New York. However, some passengers were alarmed at the vehicle’s condition. 

The NTSB will be looking into the mechanical condition of the limo, including its brakes, suspension, tires, possible corrosion and the integrity of its frame and body. They also will be recreating the incident, after they remove all the debris.