“No Deal”: Mexico Backs-Out


The Trump administration is attempting to negotiate a deal, with Mexico over the thousands of Central American caravan migrants camped out in Tijuana and Mexicali, and last night, announced there was one, with asylum applicants having to wait out adjudication of their claims in Mexico, not the U.S. The idea was to disincentivize junk asylum claims from applicants whose real aim is to work in the U.S. for a couple years and remit the earnings until courts get around to dismissing the claims and deports them.



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Migrants Make Border Surge Test-Run

Dumping the Honduran flags, a group of about 150 caravan migrants apparently did a test run for a border surge, swarming the police at a border bridge in Tijuana with white flags “of peace” and paying no attention to warnings that this isn’t the way they are going to get asylum into the United States.



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Soros-Funded Atty.’s Coach Caravan


Attorneys backed by globalist left-wing billionaire George Soros are helping Central American migrants with a caravan headed to the United States with their asylum claims.
Close to 3,000 migrants with the caravan are currently in Tijuana, Mexico, awaiting the arrival of other Central American migrants who are continuing to travel up to the U.S. southern border.



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U.S./Tijuana Border Shut-Down



The United States closed its busiest border crossing with Mexico following a day of protests in Tijuana against the arrival of the migrant “caravan”.

Queues at the Tijuana crossing stretched back for several miles as traffic into the US was blocked while new security barriers were installed …



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Lone Veteran at U.S. Border Pleads for Help


Just watched Pete Santilli’s latest broadcast. First person he had on the phone was Robert Crooks, of Mountain Minutemen out in Southern California.

Crooks has been working hand-in-hand, with the US Border Patrol for the last 13 years, helping them patrol the southern border in the East San Diego Sector.


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