U.S./Tijuana Border Shut-Down



The United States closed its busiest border crossing with Mexico following a day of protests in Tijuana against the arrival of the migrant “caravan”.

Queues at the Tijuana crossing stretched back for several miles as traffic into the US was blocked while new security barriers were installed …



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Lone Veteran at U.S. Border Pleads for Help


Just watched Pete Santilli’s latest broadcast. First person he had on the phone was Robert Crooks, of Mountain Minutemen out in Southern California.

Crooks has been working hand-in-hand, with the US Border Patrol for the last 13 years, helping them patrol the southern border in the East San Diego Sector.


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Pete Santilli interview



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Crisis at Tijuana/U.S. Border


On Friday, November 16, 2018, Juan Manuel Gastelum Buenrostro, mayor of Tijuana, Mexico defended his city against thousands of Honduran caravan members that have descended on the busiest border city in the world. Buenrostro called-out the Mexican federal government for actively facilitating the transit of the caravans through Mexico’s states.



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Border Incident: What They’re Not Reporting

Hours after images of migrants climbing a border wall in San Diego went viral, Homeland Security Department deployed razor wire Wednesday to prevent a repeat.

The immigrants, who said they were the vanguard of the caravans streaming north through Mexico, ascended the fence Tuesday in a display of defiance.



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