The Wall or a Free-For-All?


President Trump will be addressing the nation on immigration and what he will define as a national security crisis on the border. And because the networks heads at ABC, CBS, and NBC know that most Americans agree with President Trump’s assessment of the situation at the border, it may be a tough call for them to air the president’s address or not.



It’s Over …


The mocking-bird media hates Trump. The Queen’s privy council hates Trump. George Soros and his tools hate Trump. The democrats and the rinos hate Trump. The hacks at the helm of the European Union hate Trump. That chick that looks like a prize fighter, the one with the foul mouth, hates Trump. The United Nations hate Trump. They hate the United States and everything it represents even more. The two generals recently relieved of their duties hate Trump. The FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the US intelligence agencies hate Trump. To put it simply, the Swamp hates Trump.

But there is something the Swamp hates even more than the President. The Wall. The Swamp hates everything the Wall represents. The end to their supply of new voters. The end to their supply of cheap labor. The end to the flow of persons, from countries that have nothing but contempt for the United States, jealous of its successes with not an inkling of how those successes were truly achieved, hands out stretched, demanding US citizens subsidize their existence with their tax dollars. The end to that flow means an end to their scheme to replace us.

The Wall’s construction will cost $25 billion, maybe more. Is it worth it? Given the estimated 300 billion dollars this nation spends annually, as a direct result of not having a wall protecting our southern border, you tell me.

The Wall, and whether it is built or not, will make or break the United States of America. The Wall, and whether it is built or not, will make or break Trump’s presidency.

He knows he can’t cave. If he backs down, this will be their 2020 presidential nominee, and she will win.



If They Impeach Me


They plotted it carefully, for several days, with precise tactics, calling it off the first time in order to get the timing just right: a plan to charge the border in the middle of the night, on a holiday, estimating the U.S. Border Patrol would be asleep at their posts and too surprised to react. With the strategically invited television media-cameras in place to maximize the propaganda value, they charged.


The People Will Revolt

New Year’s Eve Border Surge

We Need the Wall



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The Becoming Begins


United States elected officials representing the citizens of New York State and New York City, that took an oath to uphold the Constitution and U.S. laws, have betrayed their oath by permitting U.S. laws to be supplanted.

Not to be outdone by their London, England counterparts, New York City public officials recently removed the New York Police Department from select neighborhoods in the city and replaced police officers with “Muslim Community Patrol” cars (MCP). The cars, aren’t driven by NYC police officers but by adherents of everyone’s favorite peaceful ideology, wearing official shirts complete with pseudo badges. The MCP cars are cruising said neighborhoods and enforcing not U.S. laws, not the laws of the state of New York or those of New York City, but laws antithetical to the principles this nation was founded on.

Because the insignia on the vehicle closely resembles insignia on New York City police department’s vehicles, in a sane world, this would constitute impersonating a police officer. Last time I checked, that’s a Class E felony. On a long list titled, What Could Go Wrong?, with the most troubling points at the top, the Class E felony is near the bottom of the list.

Just sayin’.



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Truly, no one has ever seen anything like this in American history.

Numerous members of the U.S. Congress as well as the Judicial Branch have refused to defend the extremely vulnerable open borders of the United States of America.
The very same traitors have flaunted their willful neglect and serial law-breaking where it concerns the protection of the American people from all sorts of threats due to open borders and illegal immigration.  These dire threats only exist because of the extremely porous Mexican border.

The very same treasonous members of Congress and the Judiciary are well aware of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists who have easily gained entry into the USA over the past several years.



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