Entire U.S. About to Get a Taste of California


Democrats and their corporate-media allies are always claiming voter fraud is an insignificantly small “actually very rare,” practically non-existent issue, a figment of conservative imaginations. But state election-officials in Texas have uncovered 98,000 voter registrations from illegals, with more than half – 58,000 – actually casting ballots. Seems the problem is bigger than even conservatives imagined. The story is being covered by the mainstream press. WFAA, a big Texas radio station, had this:



Pope in Caravan Country



Pope Francis decried the fear of migrants Thursday during his visit to Panama, seemingly advocating for the migrant caravans that flooded the southern U.S. border.

Francis made the comments during his visit to preside over World Youth Day in Panama amid the fomenting of more migrant caravans in Central America. The pontiff urged church leaders to advocate for hospitality and acceptance of migrants in the countries to which they try to gain entrance, which in past months have been Mexico and the U.S.



First Migrant Group Returns to Mexico


The United States will return the first group of migrants seeking U.S. asylum to the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Friday, a Mexican government spokesman said on Thursday.

In a major policy change, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration said on Dec. 20 it would send migrants who cross the U.S. southern border back to wait in Mexico while their asylum requests are processed.

Trump Began at 5:11 a.m. Today


President Trump began tweeting early this morning. Who was the Commander in Chief addressing his Tweets to? Nancy Pelosi and every one of his 57.5 million followers.

Everything I reported on in my upload yesterday evening and more, the President managed to pack into the following six tweets. Listen to this: