Trump Might Not Run in 2020

The following are key points of an excellent analysis regarding President Donald Trump’s plans for this nation and the traitors currently entrenched in federal, state and local governments across the United States.

Executive Order 13818, December 2017

Executive Order 13825, March 2018







Was POTUS’ Order a Trap?

On Monday, President Trump issued an immediate declassification order of the 20 redacted Carter Page FISA docs.

President Trump also ordered the DOJ to publicly release all text messages WITHOUT REDACTION relating to the Russia investigation from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.






Trump Issues DOJ-Shattering Demand


President Trump just issued a demand that will shatter the corrupt Justice Department. The President is demanding the declassification of FISA courts documents, FBI reports and the texts of former top FBI officials.

This is an unprecedented show of muscle by Trump and his White House.






Here a Strzok, There a Strzok, pt. 2


Peter Strzok III was born in the late 1960’s – he attended the American School in Iran until 1978 when it closed and then he attended the American School in Saudi Arabia. He allegedly attended a Parochial School, St. John’s Prep in Minneapolis (the school refused to confirm or deny attendance) and then completed a Bachelors at Georgetown and subsequently some form of graduate degree. After Peter Strzok III turned 18 his life is arcane, which is the usual story for many like him.



Here a Strzok, There a Strzok, pt. 1


The U.S. Congress, in 1996, created a joint CIA/FBI position, Section Chief of the CIA’s Counterespionage Group and senior FBI official. It has been revealed, Peter Strzok covertly operated as the Section Chief of the CIA’s Counterespionage Group, during his 24-year tenure with the agency. By virtue of holding this position for the CIA, as per the joint position created by Congress in 1996, Strzok simultaneously held the Deputy Assistant Director position of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Division.



The DOJ Presents: A Love Story

It has been speculated for some time, an intimate relationship never existed between disgraced FBI operative, Peter Strzok, and former FBI counsel, Lisa Page. That the duo engaged in back and forth texting on an unprecedented level, both in the number of texts and the time-frame said texts were sent and received (last I checked it was somewhere near 50,000) and the treasonous, subversive, conspiratorial nature of those texts (the ones the DOJ deemed acceptable for public consumption, so to speak) has been established.

What has not been established, is that Page and Strzok were, in fact, engaged in an extramarital relationship. Their alleged relationship and the alleged intimate nature and content of the still unreleased 10’s of 1000’s of texts the duo sent and received, is the reason the U.S. Justice Department cites for withholding them from both the public and the U.S. Congressional Committees charged with the oversight and investigation of the FBI’s conduct as it relates to the unlawful surveillance of and attempted coup against President Donald Trump.

In the texts that have been released and unredacted, nowhere, to my knowledge, are indications the duo were engaged in an affair. What these texts do indicate and confirm to any reasonable person, are Strzok and Page, were in fact, engaged in activities that were criminal and treasonous. It is the contention of many independent journalists, there never existed, between Page and Strzok, anything more than a professional relationship and that the alleged extramarital affair is a DOJ and FBI fabrication. A crafted relationship; a story to use as the excuse for withholding 10’s of 1000’s of texts between the two. Texts which many, myself included, believe contain plans to assassinate our President.

The following clip from yesterday’s joint session of congress, where Strzok testified, supports the theory many hold; that an extramarital relationship between Page and Strzok never existed. After viewing the clip I’m about to show you, I’ll go a step further. Not only did said intimacies never take place between the two, it is not within Strzok’s nature, so to speak. Let’s say it’s a gut feeling. If he is indeed married, it’s possible he’s a switch-hitter. But I know men, and from where I’m sitting, someone has more than a little sugar in their tank. Just sayin’.



I Stand With Jim Jordan


The swamp hates Jim Jordan because they fear him. They fear his uncompromising patriotism his tenacity, his unimpeachable character. But more than anything else, they fear what’s coming their way as a result of the investigative work Jordan has done to get to the heart of the sewage that is laser-focused on destroying these United States of America. On Tuesday July 10th, one of the FBI’s best and brightest, Peter the liar, Peter banger of other men’s wives, Peter editor of Comey’s scripted Hillary won’t be charged with a crime press conference, Peter hater of our President, Peter planner of coups and worse against President Trump, Peter sender of 10’s of thousands of magically disappearing texts, Peter holder of insurance policies in the event you die before you’re 40, Peter Hillary’s brown-nosing bitch, Peter Strzok will testify in a public hearing and Congressman Jordan, the swamp fears, will ask all the right questions.

And so, it responds by spewing unsubstantiated filth against Jim Jordan. The corporate talking heads are falling all over themselves as they interview bought and paid for accusers.

Jordan’s nephew was killed in a car crash last Thursday evening. I don’t believe in coincidences. Not when it comes to the shit-storm the Congressman is enduring. Everything in the swamp’s arsenal is dedicated to destroying Jordan before Strzok testifies.


Peter Strzok Fails Poly

The Comedy Continues

FBI Agent Peter Strzok failed his polygraph and his supervisors were notified on January 16th 2016, his results were “out of scope. Meaning he failed his polygraph test.  Yet he was never removed from any responsibilities; and against dept policy, he did not have his clearance revoked until he could clear.

Contorting and Twisting Master Class

Courtesy of the Federal Bureau of  Investigation  Obfuscation

Rosenstein-Wray School of Obfuscation