Lindsey Graham’s DNA Test Challenge


Senator Lindsey Graham seems to have a newfound “Trumpian” swagger of late, all starting with his fiery speech during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation – and culminating in several recent clips of the South Carolina Senator giving Democrats what for. 



Left Donates to Pay POTUS’ Legal Fees

Much hilarity ensued after it was pointed out that leftists who donated over $500,000 dollars to Stormy Daniels’ legal fund are now essentially paying President Donald Trump’s legal fees. 

On Monday evening, it was revealed President Trump defeated the defamation suit brought by Daniels after the President, on Twitter, accused her of lying about a man allegedly threatening her to keep quiet about an encounter she claims to have had with the President.


Cherokee Demand Warren Stop

As the saying goes, if Elizabeth Warren were a car, today President Trump would have taken her to the DMV and paid a title transfer-fee because she was definitely owned. The day started with Warren off the reservation launching an offensive against President Trump that was obviously and badly coordinated with several media outlets.




DNA Results Are In

On Monday, Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed she is vindicated after she released the findings of a DNA test purporting to show she has anywhere between 1/64th percent to 1/1,024 percent Native American ancestry. The DNA findings, regardless of their legitimacy, do not make her eligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship. Nor does the DNA test make Warren eligible to join the Eastern Band of the Cherokee or the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee.