Ballot-Harvesting for Dummies


As the polls closed on election day last month, six California Republican House candidates, including Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Knight, and Mimi Walters, were ahead in their respective races. However, as the absentee and provisional ballots rolled in over the intervening weeks, all six lost to their Democratic opponents.



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Democrats Stealing ENTIRE Election


Democrats had a decent haul on election night but since Election Day the Democrats have had a spectacular run. In the US Senate Democrats picked up two seats since Election Day.

Democrats have performed even better in the US House. Since election day Democrats have added close to 17 seats from Republicans who were winning on Election Day.



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Now What?

So who’s gonna do something about this mess? Anyone out there have any more bright ideas? Because I’m all ears. The longer the thieving continues, the more we lose. It’s time to face what I consider to be inevitable at this stage in the game.

The time for action, as far as securing the mid-term elections, came and went a long time ago. The Dept. of Homeland Security, was tasked with securing our elections.


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FBI Needs to Kick-In the Door

Provisional ballot boxes from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office were reportedly discovered in the back of an AVIS rental car at Fort Lauderdale Airport on Sunday night.

Attorney and Broward GOP State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli says he received a call from an AVIS employee informing him of the found ballot boxes after sheriff’s deputies were initially unwilling to investigate.



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Broward Atty.’s Want Non-Citizen Votes Counted


There’s one overriding lesson to be learned from the ballot-counting debacle in Broward and Palm Beach counties. This lesson, as you might have guessed, is strictly for those individuals that don’t fall into the category of certifiably insane. And what is that lesson? In its most simplified form, it goes something like this:



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Voter Fraud Played Into POTUS Hand

If ever there was a need for the elite to divert the attention of the citizens of the United States, it’s right here and right now. Divert attention away from the nation-wide election fraud that took place on the 6th of November. Still happening as I’m hammering this out on my keyboard.



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